Monosodium glutamate: The truth about ‘MSG’ and why to avoid it

Monosodium glutamate is something worth mentioning. If you read labels, you find it in many things. It is also called by other names. It is an insidious ingredient which wears many ‘hidden faces’. My site is primarily about losing weight. But, if you are not healthy, lack energy and don’t feel good, you will probably have to look… Read More »

Insulin resistance: Why eating ‘real whole food’ can save your bacon!

The exact cause of insulin resistance is not yet fully understood. Insulin is a hormone created by our pancreas and is essential to our body’s metabolism. Digestion breaks down carbohydrates (sugars and starches) in foods into glucose (a form of sugar) which then can enter our bloodstream. Our body cells receive energy through absorbing glucose. When we consume more calories… Read More »

How to lose weight in a week: Here’s what to eat…

You know you want to keep any weight off you lose. But, with ‘fad diets’, this will never happen. Losing weight and gaining it back is an unhealthy roller coaster ride. We also don’t want highs and lows in blood sugar over time. To break the food addiction and junk food cycle we must find healthy food substitutes! You will notice people who live the longest are the ‘slim’ ones. I’ve… Read More »

Weight loss motivation: Why your life depends upon it!

Where do you get ‘weight loss motivation’? Good question, especially since most of us are so ‘addicted’ to snack and junk foods! And, once you know what you should eat, you then have to learn how to fight those cravings for the wrong foods! Not so easy… Don’t we all love crackers, chips and cookies? Sure we do. How do we not… Read More »

Why low carb foods are not the way to permanent weight loss

Low carb foods like Kale is about the most nutritious vegetable you can eat. ‘Fad diets’ come and go with the breeze, just about as fast as you gain all the weight back you lost. There are low carb diet and low-fat diets among a hundred other books about it for sale online. Personally, I have found that fiber rich diets are the best for losing… Read More »

How many calories should I eat to lose weight? It could be less than you think!

If you eat certain foods, you will lose weight and not have to count calories. And, if you eat refined carbs, acquiring more calories than you burn up, you will surely gain weight. In my opinion, even though I eat a low-fat diet, fat is not the main culprit weight gainer. Nevertheless, do avoid added fats and oil, as it brings (in time) great… Read More »

The best ‘no oil’ fried potatoes you’ve ever tasted

By now, you should know I love my potatoes. Fried potatoes! I cook them in a ‘Teflon coated pan’, but without oil. Yes, you heard me right. I don’t use any oil, because it isn’t healthy. I know it adds that certain ‘flavor’. But, you have to be mindful that everything ‘tasting good’, isn’t necessarily healthy to eat. When you are… Read More »

‘Breadless’ healthy sandwiches: Hold the wheat!

To me, ‘healthy sandwiches’ are low-fat. This means they have no fats like mayonnaise on them or vinegar and oil as on an Italian hoagie or grinder. Yes, I know condiments and extra toppings do make sandwiches and food in general taste better. But, if you are like some poor unfortunates, future health problems (from decades of ‘wrong eating’)… Read More »

Where is the healthiest fast food? The truth is tasty

What is the ‘healthiest fast food’ you can eat? I would say it’s a particular sandwich. You might call it a grinder or hoagie. But, what you put on it and don’t makes or breaks the ‘healthiness’ of eating it! It is the only ‘fast food establishment’ owned by doctors. I used to eat there, but don’t anymore. Unknowingly, in the… Read More »

Where is the best fast food take out window?

If you are going to pick up from a drive through window, what is the ‘best fast food’ sandwich you can eat? I would say the best choice is the healthiest, which are those sandwiches or meals containing the most vegetables with no oils or fats like mayonnaise. Probably, eating a ‘vegetarian sandwich’ would be OK, except for the bread. And, if… Read More »