Will I lose weight becoming a Vegetarian? There’s probably not an exact definition of vegetarianism everyone will agree on. But, it’s more than simply eating green salads. This is because you can’t survive on vegetables alone. But, you can’t survive on just fruit, either. Each one is deficient in something the other has more of.

There seem to be so many people who say they are vegetarians, but eat very different from other vegetarians

The word Vegetarian comes from Vegetarianism. Ideally, you don’t use animal products. That’s something most vegetarians can all agree upon. But, then, Vegans don’t use animal products, either. So, there’s all kinds of vegetarians out there.

Some so called vegetarians use dairy and eat eggs. I don’t do that, but if you want to, I won’t argue with it. The reason people become vegetarian or vegan is probably many reasons. For me, it was mainly for health and weight loss. I think it good to determine why we do the things we do and why we decide to do something. I think if our reasons are clear, the more likely we will stick with doing something.

My definition of Vegetarian is one who doesn’t use animal products. That means, no meat, whether it comes from a Chicken, Fish or Cow. It also means (to me) no milk products and no eggs. Now, you have probably seen so called vegetarians with a soft drink and bag of chips in their hands.

You may also have noticed those vegetarians who are overweight and/or underweight who look sickly. It likely has to do with how and what they eat. Most vegetarians use processed food which usually includes soy products and other refined food. They can be heavily laden with salt, sugar and fats. Fats and sugar will make you gain weight and they are also bad for your heart and circulatory system.

I try to avoid using any processed food. My diet is mainly whole food plant based. This means, chiefly fruits and vegetables. My diet is very simple, but satisfying. But, that’s me. You probably will want to eat differently. You have to be careful though, because how you eat will affect how much weight you lose and your health in general.



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3 Responses to Vegetarian

  1. lose weight says:

    This is what I call awesome information. Continue the good work.


  2. Sophestry says:

    Aye it’s perfectly possible to be very healthy and very unhealthy on a vegetarian diet. If you eat lots of beans and vegetables and fruit with limited grains and sugars you should be alright though

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