Healthy Eating

Healthy eating has an extra bonus. I think most of us know what eating healthy isn’t. You know; pizza, hamburgers and fries, stuff like that. If you eat wholesome foods, you will likely lose weight, get healthier and live longer. But, a vegetarian diet isn’t always healthy. It just depends what you eat. A soft drink and a bag of chips qualifies as vegetarian.

We all know high fat, high salt and high sugary foods are not healthy. We all know this, but do we do anything about it?

Not usually, unless maybe when we are suffering some disease, condition or ailment.

Some of us do the research to find out why we are unhealthy. There can be those mysterious aches and pains we think are normal that seem to come and go. Or, we just don’t feel that good in general, but don’t know why.

Finding out What’s What about Weight Loss and Healthy Eating

There’s so much misinformation out there wherever you look, it’s surprising anyone can find any truth about how to lose weight and become healthier in the process. I have watched many YouTube videos, read books and researched health related subjects for years. I discovered what things I needed to know to educate myself about how to lose weight and become healthier.

Prevent disease, ailments and conditions by removing what’s causing it…

Once you zero in on who and what sources really knows about how to eat healthy and lose weight, you can make educated changes in your diet and see yourself getting well again. How I eat prevents disease, ailments and conditions. If I deviate, and fall off the wagon and eat what I know I shouldn’t, guess what? The same problems that led me to my search for weight loss and better health come right back, again.

Eating vegetarian is a lifestyle more than it is a diet. Once you find which plant based foods you like the best, you are on your way to losing weight and getting healthier. Chance are in your favor that a whole food plant based diet may very well solve what’s been ailing you.

What Losing Weight Vegetarian Is and Is not

This is not a scientific website, so I can’t go into all the areas in which if you don’t consume the Standard American Diet, which is full of salt, sugar and fats, why you lose weight and why you get healthier. I am not going to Cite everything I write. It won’t help. But, what will is explaining the results of what I am writing about in how it applied to my life. I am a living example a whole food plant based diet works. But, with certain conditions. See Healthy Diet.

This is a website where I tell you how I eat, and what it did. I lost forty pounds and maintain that weight and my blood pressure is a lot lower and stabilized. I don’t go to the doctor, there is nothing wrong with me (unless I eat junk food again, animal products, lots of salt, sugar in the form of fructose, and oils including Olive) and I will likely see many more birthdays.

When you remove what’s causing the problem, your body heals itself. Get rid of all the processed foods with all the chemicals and substances with words you can’t even pronounce (the salty, sugary and fatty foods in cans, bottles, bags, packages and boxes) and adopt a whole food plant based diet (you prepare yourself,) and you will most undoubtedly lose weight, become healthier in the process just like I did, and live a longer life free of pain and disease.


Author: Steven Humphreys

I have long been married and currently write posts every day about health and wellness and poetry. I have authored several books currently for sale at the popular outlets. I hope you like my blog finding my articles informative as well as entertaining. Feel free to let me know what you think. You can read more 'about me' on this site. Thanks for stopping by!

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