Homemade Food for Adult and Senior Cats

You know, I never dreamt I’d love cats as much as I do. I was told how ‘unfeeling’ they were when I was young: simply not true. And, who told me all this didn’t love cats because they didn’t really know them at all. If you know and love cats, you know this way of thinking is a fallacy. They are certainly loving, but in their own feline ways.

My older cat was having problems. He had Diarrhea and lost it seemed half his weight. I was really worried about him. I tried giving him homemade cat food that was raw, but it seemed to make matters worse for him.

He threw up on the floor during the day. It was really upsetting. I felt powerless. So, I started studying the ingredients of senior cat foods to see what they all had in common. I looked at the ingredients in all the major dry cat foods and regular canned for my cat and my dog, too.

Immediately stop the Cat Kibble, especially if it has any grains in it!

There’s a huge amount of protein in dry cat food, and I think that can be harmful, especially for older cats. It’s hard on their kidneys. Canned has a lot less and much more water. I think less protein for your dog and cat is better for their health no matter what their age.

I also am working on getting my two other adult cats off dry kibble, because I know some of the ingredients in the dry kibble aren’t good for their health. It’s not easy to change what they are eating since they were raised on dry crunchy kibble.

All my cats are a lot more finicky than my dog and I am still coaxing my other two cats into eating canned. I leave the two each a bowl of kibble in their own areas (up where the old cat can’t get at it.)

You just can’t stop the kibble and expect them to eat soft food because they get hungry. It will backfire. You have to get them to like it little by little. That’s the world of cats. They simply won’t eat and will starve themselves. You don’t want that with the ones you love.

Move them into new food slow. Because if they don’t like it you will starve them. They simply won’t eat it. You don’t want that. You want a smooth transition to new food they enjoy.

Cats, the Carnivores

Cats are exclusive meat eaters, unlike dogs who can eat many other things. So, don’t serve your cats starchy vegetables or grains at all. This especially means absolutely no wheat, soy or corn. This goes for rice, too. Cats shouldn’t even eat kibble. They need high water content in their food like they would in nature. Now, the addition of fruits and vegetables I believe should be OK.

Canned Cat Foods I recommend: you have to read the labels for ingredients

  • I took my senior cat off kibble entirely changing to soft canned food
  • Too many additives and especially too much protein (I don’t feel cats need 30% protein)
  • Avoid fish because of heavy metals like mercury
  • Rice was the number two ingredient and a filler. This is an absolute NO
  • Cats don’t thrive on rice or other grains (unlike what they say, rice is a grain)
  • I feed my cat a simpler diet with fewer ingredients added to the can (no grains, but some vegetables OK)
  • My dear old cat in the photo up there didn’t do good at all on ‘Friskies®’ canned food, either. I think it was probably the meat by-products, artificial flavors, fish and/or rice that didn’t agree with him. Fish has mercury unless it’s wild caught
  • Read the ingredients always!
  • I discovered Pure Harmony® Chicken and Giblets recipe with vegetables 3 oz. can (Stater Bros. Market) doesn’t have wheat, corn or soy. It also has no meat by-products, preservatives or additives. He’s doing very well on this one! It took over a month to see improvement in his health. It does have carrots, peas and potato
  • Now, I give him the Turkey and Giblets recipe (also Pure Harmony brand) but in the 5.5 oz. larger can (cheaper.) I wanted to give him less chicken because it’s associated with bladder infections in us humans (I stopped giving my dog chicken and changed over to ground turkey.) I can’t seem to find an all turkey cat food, so it’s a compromise with 1/2 turkey and 1/2 chicken together instead of all chicken
  • Blue Buffalo® Freedom Grain Free Mature 5.5 oz. can has wholesome ingredients just like Pure Harmony. You get this one at Petsmart®. It has more vitamins and minerals added to it than the Pure Harmony does. But, I have my doubts about any benefit. I think it is best assimilated from food itself. Although, I think he would do fine on both he does prefer Pure Harmony…
  • Everything considered, I will stick with Pure Harmony, because he seems to be recovering very well. And, he is gaining weight slowly, getting stronger, looking better and getting around without limping as much as he was, so why rock the boat? As the old saying goes, ‘if something works, don’t fix it’
  • Also, I mix (1/4) teaspoon of psyllium fiber powder to his morning can of food
  • I do this once a day in the morning mixed in one larger can of Pure Harmony in his bowl on the counter top
  • I feed him all he will eat throughout the day when he is hungry so as to retain his weight and health
  • No Diarrhea anymore and his stool is finally solid again in the cat box!
  • He isn’t throwing up
  • I grow grass for all my cats to eat! I buy organic wheatgrass seed on eBay. Highly Recommended. Grows great! Shop around
  • My senior cat has been eating about 3 to 4 (3 oz.) cans a day
  • My other two cats share his food during the day and evening
  • Yet, all cats need fiber, so I would recommend adding a 1/4 teaspoon of fiber to their soft food each day no matter how young or old. They don’t add much fiber to canned cat or dog food compared to what’s in dry kibble
  • I am not giving my cats any treats whatsoever, I only feed them the meals they eat. Most treats don’t seem to agree with my cats. I found that many have grains like wheat and additives that simply don’t make any sense. If you have to feed them treats, get freeze dried chicken or something with natural ingredients
  • Go to homemade dog food, here.
  • My younger cats I feed Nulo® Medal Series Indoor Adult Cat Food – Grain Free, Turkey & Chicken kibble. When they get older I will go exclusively to canned
  • I tried cooking them their food adding some raw animal products, but my cats didn’t do well eating it. I would stick to canned if it has the right ingredients

Note- Sorry, but I can’t guarantee better health, weight loss or longevity results from changing your cat’s diet. Contact your vet if you have any doubts


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