It’s natural to crave something sweet. But, why do I crave sugar? Refined sugar is unnatural and gets absorbed into the blood too quickly. Fruit has fiber and absorption is delayed. Have you ever wondered why candy bars are so addicting? They don’t satisfy, you always want more. It’s like ice cream. Try to eat just one spoonful. I can’t do it.

When you eat fruit, you get your fill. You are satisfied. While refined sugar is addictive, you don’t keep on eating fruit. You can’t overeat fruit, but you can over drink fruit juice. Fruit juice can affect you just like sugar does.

It’s much better to eat fruit than drink juice. If you want to kick the sugar habit, you have to consciously catch yourself before you reach for that candy bar. This also goes for grain snacks.

You have to tell yourself that you get your sugar or sweet tooth filled by fruit, and only that. If you feel like eating greasy salty potato chips, go bake a potato. It’s not an easy feat to kick the refined sugar habit, to say the least.

Crackers and other junk foods essentially do the same thing as sugar does. It raises your blood sugar too quickly, and it also will cause you to get more cavities just like sugar will.

We all naturally crave sugar or sweets, but it is the empty calorie sweets we must avoid. Fruit has fiber which will tend to make you not overeat it because it fills you up. Fiber will make you feel full, whereas candy never fills you up.

Yes, you will get a big sugar rush high, but you will soon come down and crash hard. Then, you will want more. Not so with fruit. It’s the natural thing to eat. Fruit is not addictive.

We crave sugar when we are stressed out. But, we have no nutritional need for refined sugar. This goes for honey, too. Don’t substitute artificial sugar, either, as it’s also not good for you. I would avoid soft drinks, boxed cereals and make sure I read levels carefully. Sugar comes with many names we may not pay attention to, such as these below…

• Honey
• Syrup
• Molasses
• Cane sugar
• Glucose
• Dextrose
• Maltose
• Raw sugar
• Corn sweetener
• High-fructose corn syrup
• Sucrose
• Corn syrup
• Agave nectar
• Evaporated cane juice
• Malt syrup
• Brown sugar
• Fructose
• Maple syrup

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.


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