Vegetarian soup recipes

I have always loved soup. It’s that during the last few years, I make my own vegetarian soup recipes instead of buying cans of it. Of course, being a vegetarian now, I like soups like vegetable soup and split pea soup. These are very easy to make and both my favorites to eat any day or night of the week.

It’s kind of set and forget, especially if you choose using a crock pot. But, I don’t want to wait that long. I want my soup now. Or, at least within a couple of hours. Good stuff.

The Wonderful simplicity of soup

I like making my soup on the thicker side heavy with vegetables. You might like it with only a few things. But, you can thicken it if it’s a little watery with a tablespoon of corn starch. Mix some in a warm glass of water before you add it, because if you put it right in the soup itself, it will clump up. Clumps: no good.

Depending upon how hearty you make it, your soup can be a fast snack or turn into a hearty meal. Soup can stick to your ribs or be like Chinese food in that you are hungry a half an hour later!

You can also use just water if you are worried about the extra salt in pre-made soup stock. If you need extra salt, wait until last to add it, because as your soup cooks down the salty flavor intensifies.

Taste it at the end allowing your taste buds to reveal how much added salt and spices you need. You don’t have to have bland tasteless soup! But, don’t over-salt it, either.

I don’t use canned soup because it’s always loaded with way too much salt and other ingredients I don’t want. Homemade soup is always superior in taste and quality of ingredients! That’s how you know what’s in it. You make it yourself! Once you make your own, you won’t go back to store bought. Ever.

Funny, that once you stop eating the salty chips and snacks, you notice how salty they actually were. You will wonder how you ever ate that stuff!

My favorite soups

Very few foods I eat cold, so I won’t go into making ‘cold’ soups. But, I don’t like my soup scalding-hot, either. My soups taste better the next day or third day. They improve with age. Amazing. The flavors must mix over that time period blending very well.

Soups also freeze nicely. They can also feed a family, although I seem to be the only one in mine who likes soup. Too bad, that means more for me! I just take it out of the freezer as I need it. Easy to make, too. In case you haven’t noticed, I like ‘easy’. You only have to make a batch once a week or so. Did I say ‘easy’ and convenient?

When I cook soup, I bring it to a boil, then turn it down low to simmer. Most of the time, I cover it, too. Every so often you lift the lid, stir, taste, add water, salt, and more spices up until the vegetables are done. When it’s done, mash it up with a potato masher. It makes it more flavorful with the smaller sized vegetables. Now, eat!

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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