Gluten free grains

First of all, gluten-free grains do not exist. This is a misnomer. Yet, there are gluten-free flours. These are not made with any grains whatsoever. But, I would be careful about them. They are processed and/or refined. They are ground up like grain flour.

I would say it’s best to eat the product whole. For example, if the flour is made with almonds, eat the almond, don’t turn it into flour. I just think it’s a fancy way to say a substitute for wheat like almond flour is healthy simply because it isn’t wheat. This isn’t necessarily so.

Drink almond milk? Drink rice milk? You think they are healthier than real cow’s milk? I wonder. They add oils like sunflower oil. How can that be good? Oils are inflammatory. I wouldn’t use these liquids, either.

The glycemic index of rice milk is high at 85, almond milk in the medium range, with soy milk rated lowest. Why grind these up and drink them? They add cane sugar or some kind of sweetening syrup in these when sweetened. To me, they taste terrible without sweeteners.

Gluten free flours

  • .Almond
  • Coconut
  • Cassava root
  • Tapioca flour
  • Arrowroot
  • Tiger nut flour
  • Green banana flour
  • Chestnut flour

There are probably more gluten free flour substitutes out there. Man is pretty clever about this. But, I wouldn’t eat anything processed or refined. Eat the food whole.

I know you can use these in recipes and to make a different kind of bread. But, why? Some of these flours are high glycemic, which means it elevates your blood sugar quickly just the same as wheat bread. So, what does one gain? Is the result really worth it?

Although, wheat flour or bread contains gluten and excessive carbs, it also contributes to inflammation in our bodies, a result of immune function breakdown. Leaky gut syndrome can be caused by eating wheat products.

Also, gluten (each grain besides wheat has its own form of protein which is a gluten) can cause vitamin and mineral deficiencies due to decreased absorption because of organ tissue damage.

Gluten can also impact the types of bacteria present in the gut. A healthy gut flora with plentiful good bacteria is important to fight the bad bacteria. Although, brown rice has its own form of gluten, I don’t avoid it. But, I don’t eat more than two cups of it a day.

The white potato is of the nightshade variety, and I also don’t avoid it. I usually only eat one medium potato each day, sometimes two. Truthfully, I wouldn’t bother with substituting gluten-free flours. Stick with plant-based whole food.

It’s the best choice for weight loss, maintaining your natural weight, attaining better health and living a longer lifespan. There are grains classically considered gluten-free like oats, corn and quinoa, but they are not.

Each grain, even though it is not wheat, will have their own gluten. Wheat flour is an ingredient (often it seems a hidden one) in many processed foods. You always have to read labels to know for sure what’s in the foods you eat. The work around is eating whole foods. There is nothing added to it. You can’t add anything to beans, rice, potatoes, broccoli or a banana.

Note- before you change your diet contact your doctor.



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