How many calories do I need?

Do you want to know ‘how many calories do I need’? There is a way. I discovered I need about 2000 each day while my wife requires less at 1800. Did you know that the best way to lose weight is to change what you are eating? I eat low calorie foods.

Lower calorie foods will help you lose weight. But, if it isn’t healthy food, you won’t feel better, have more energy, live longer and probably won’t lose any weight. If you do lose weight, you will likely gain it all back again.

What works is a lifestyle change, not a new diet. Eating plant based whole food is more a lifestyle change than it is a diet. Diets are usually all ‘fad’ coming and going with the breeze. They are not a permanent way to live.

First, it’s a good idea to look at the BMI chart below to see where you ‘fit’. My weight should be about 158 lbs. I do good there. But, you have to eat in a way that keeps you at your most natural healthiest weight. It’s a good idea to know how many calories you need each day. If you go over, you will gain more weight.

bmi chart, weight loss, obese

BMI chart

When I finally discovered how to lose weight, I began losing about five pounds a month. This is about right. I feel losing more weight than that won’t be permanent weight loss. It will likely all be gained back.

Personally, I had a few setbacks until I figured out that refined grain was causing me to stay stuck at around 185 lbs. and not lose any more weight. This was my biggest problem because I loved eating junk and snack foods like crackers and cookies. I was also a big sour dough bread, cold cereal and potato and tortilla chip fan!

One big step to losing weight is in clearing out everything you shouldn’t eat from your cupboards! Also, processed foods should be gotten rid of. You might want to devise a new shopping list. I created this one you can download for free. WeightLossBloggingShopping List



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