How to cook kale: Superior nutrition in just 5 minutes!

How to cook kale is as easy as cooking any vegetable. Personally, I prefer to boil it. Or, it can be steamed. For me, these are the two healthiest options besides eating it raw. You also can sauté it (But, I wouldn’t because you have to cook with oil.)

Did you know that kale is the most nutritious green leafy vegetable you can eat? It’s at the top of the list, so don’t overlook this one. But, collard greens and bok choy are next, respectively. When I eat kale, I always start feeling a sense of well-being. My body expresses its wordless, ‘thank you’!

In case you don’t know, kale has a pungent cabbage flavor like broccoli. It’s leaves are bushy and stalk is kind of tough, so you have to cook it to soften it up.

I cut it up (a small amount) with scissors and put it in my daily salads (I do though, prefer it cooked) along with a sprinkle of roasted unsalted sunflower or pumpkin seeds.

Kale is a cruciferous vegetable which may help lower cancer risk. It is full of vitamins and minerals, and is similar to spinach in that you can use it in soups, too. By the way, I don’t get any particular kind of kale. I buy what’s stocked.

To prepare kale, be sure to wash it thoroughly for bugs and dirt, etc.. You can cut the stalk out if you prefer. I leave it in, because it softens as it cooks. ‘Some’ say cook it 20 to 25 minutes until tender. But…

I suggest you test it a lot sooner at 3 minutes (after it has reached a rolling boil) and then continue boiling it for another 2 minutes (5 minutes total time boiling. No more, unless you like it softer!)

You might enjoy eating kale firmer (like I do) like lightly steamed broccoli. But, if you like it softer, simply let it boil a few minutes (or so) longer. Keep testing it for softness as you cook.

I like to eat it with lemon squeezed on top. It’s a good salt substitute. Lemon can actually take the place of salt, believe it or not. Try it! You can add cooked kale to pinto beans and rice. It’s really good with salsa on top! Did you know kale can also lower your cholesterol?

Kale has been around (cultivated by man) for more than 2,000 years. Then, somehow, it ‘appeared’ in the USA in the 1700s. Did you also know that Brussels sprouts is in the same family as kale?

How to cook kale (just like I do)

• Buy a bunch of kale
• Soak and rinse
• Bring a big pot of water to full boil
• Add a sprinkle of salt
• Chop up your kale into as large or as small pieces as you like
• If you prefer, remove the spine
• Drop cut up kale into boiling water (bring back up to a rolling boil)
• After that, test for texture you prefer after 3 minutes
• Continue cooking at a ‘rolling boil’ for another two minutes (5 minutes ‘total cooking time’ at a rolling boil. That’s not a long time, so keep an eye on the clock! You don’t want to over cook!)
• Pour it into a colander under cool water and rinse
• Time to serve up and eat!
• More recipes

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet. Ready to take the vegetarian ‘plunge’? Let’s go shopping!

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