The calorie calculator: Your guide to successful ‘weight loss’

You need a ‘calorie calculator’ only when you don’t know which healthy foods to eat to lose weight. But, in the mean time, hold off. Don’t sign up for those ‘fad diets’ on TV that promise you will lose twenty pounds a week! Why? You don’t need them. Most people gain all their weight back on diets like these.

Save your hard-earned money and spend it on healthy ‘unprocessed’ food. Begin losing weight slowly but surely and permanently. It took me a year to lose all the weight I wanted, because I was still eating some of the ‘wrong foods’ like bread, crackers, tortillas and chips!

So, try to have patience with yourself. Things worthwhile and lasting take time to achieve. Slower weight loss is healthier, yet will become permanent weight loss. There is somewhat of a ‘learning curve’ to this new way of eating. You can ‘trick’ yourself into eating the same ‘bad foods’ that caused all your weight gain and health problems.

All those ‘fad diet’ processed and refined foods ‘delivered straight to your door’ are way too expensive! You do not need them to lose weight, and they are not as nutritious as ‘whole foods’.We need a lifestyle makeover if we want to lose weight and get healthier. This involves changing the foods we currently eat.

The ‘standard American diet’ we all were brought up on and love, is at the core of the problem. But, your new diet is going to be as inexpensive and as healthy as it can get! Losing weight isn’t any good unless it includes getting ‘healthier’! There’s plenty of unhealthy ‘skinny’ people. We don’t want that.

To lose weight and become healthier, you must limit the salt, sugar and fats you consume cutting out refined and processed foods. What’s left to eat? Plenty! What remains is real plant-based whole food!

‘You are on your way to ‘successful permanent weight loss and better health’ if you enjoy eating fruits like bananas, berries, broccoli, green salads, potatoes, rice and beans’

These are whole foods I eat every day. I lost almost fifty pounds a few years ago eating this way and the weight is staying off. You also get ‘surprise’ benefits like improved health and increased energy (and, it’s been shown: longer life.

Additionally, false energy given to you from consuming caffeine in coffee or other drinks will tend to make you feel hungry when you are not. Caffeine always seemed to ‘destabilize’ my blood sugar making me crave snack and junk food later. Our bodies don’t need to be ‘caffeinated’! We are better off health-wise tapping into our ‘natural store of energy’.

Plant based whole foods should provide all the energy we need. Also, they heal by giving us all the vitamins, minerals and fiber we need. They ‘fill us up’ making us feel content because of natural fiber content.

Right now, throw your calorie calculator in the trash! The hardest thing about a plant based diet, is when those around you don’t support eating more fruits and vegetables. We will always be tempted to eat wrong things when we see others eating junk foods.

It’s advertised everywhere we look! You are reminded every time you drive by a hamburger place and smell those delicious smelling sandwiches and tasty fries they let loose in the air! Just keep in mind that everything that tastes good isn’t necessarily good for you.

It's part of our culture eating pizzas, burgers, fries, spaghetti and just about everything in between that contains animal products, too much salt, sugar and fat!

Wrong foods taste good, and you will undoubtedly at some point ‘fall to temptation’ even though you are eating ‘right’ most of the time. We all are prone to wrong food temptation. But, if you have people around you who support your new way of eating, count yourself lucky.

Like most of us, when and if you lack support for your new ‘lifestyle’ it will be more difficult, but you will pull through eventually. You will be setting a good example for those around you to ‘follow’.

At some point, they will ‘notice’ you are losing weight, getting healthier and feeling better. You could be the reason they begin eating real ‘whole foods’. Your positive healthful influence could be saving their life. Way too many Americans suffer heart attacks, strokes, cancer and other diseases, ailments or conditions.

In whatever you do in life, ‘live by example.’ We can’t make others change by ‘preaching’ to them. They will only ‘resist’. The healthful results you will experience eating plant based food ‘speaks for itself’. Furthermore, the life you save may be your own.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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