Why a ‘high protein diet’ can endanger your health

A high protein diet can actually hurt you. It has been proven through scientific research those consuming the most animal protein compared to plant protein have a higher risk of death, especially from cardiovascular disease.

But, it’s not only excessive protein that causes health problems, it’s also the cholesterol or fat that brings harm. Did you know Meat also lacks antioxidants, fiber, and the essential vitamins and minerals present within plant based whole food?

Simply changing beef to chicken and fish doesn’t mean you are eating healthy. Many do this and believe they are. Did you know that the animal protein itself tends to increase ‘bad’ cholesterol levels more than fat?

When you eat a plant based diet, you don’t need to count calories, anymore! Only, don’t put butter, margarine or sour cream on your potato or you’ll defeat the purpose.

But, what do we do about the holidays? Answer: you to the best you can to ‘try’ to eat everything in moderation. We don’t want to hurt ‘grandma’s’ feelings, do we?

It’s easy to add another five to ten pounds over the ‘holidays’. The holiday season is a great excuse to overindulge oneself. But, there is a reason why we feel like going to sleep after Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. Did you know you can get your blood tested and actually see the cholesterol in the blood test sample!

If you can either cut down or completely cut out meat, fatty foods, sugar and junk food snacks, you will lose weight, begin feeling better and likely live a lot longer.

There are a total of three macronutrients in food. One is protein, fat and carbohydrate. Every diet juggles these around, either limiting or increasing protein content, carbs or fat.

Vitamins and minerals are micronutrients. If you eat enough fruits and vegetables every day, you will get the proper amounts. Did you know that fiber is also an essential nutrient which is not present in any animal products?

You might ask, ‘where do I get my protein’? You think you need a high protein diet? You can get all you need from beans and lentils, but in lesser amounts in fruits and vegetables.

Plant based whole food provides macronutrients and micronutrients. There’s no guesswork. There’s no measuring. Nature does all that for us.

Note- check with your doctor before you change your diet.

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