Is bread bad for you? Why wheat got such a ‘bad rap’

You might have wondered: is bread bad for you? I have talked a lot about grain products throughout my site, not just bread. I have read quite a lot about refined grains. As you know, I don’t recommend them. But, why is this?

As far as weight gain goes, there is something about grain when it is ground into a fine flour that not only raises your blood sugar but makes you gain weight when you over indulge. But, it’s so easy because they are addictive. And, grains are not very nutritious, despite their many health claims.

This is not only true for bread; but for crackers, cookies other junk and snack foods and all bakery products like doughnuts, pies and cakes. There is also the problem of added sugar, salt and oil that exacerbates the problem.

You might think that the so called ‘gluten free’ products are healthy for you. I really think this nothing but a misnomer. Each grain (let’s start with corn) has its own form of gluten. It is a protein, as with wheat gluten. There is gliadin in wheat, which is a component of gluten.

Gliadin is a toxic molecule within Gluten. Gliadin can produce an inflammatory reaction in the small intestines which may cause leaky gut syndrome in some of us.

Brown rice seems like the only grain that doesn’t cause me inflammation. You might have a problem with certain grains: you know, we get those achy joints and unexplained pains here and there? This might be one of those ‘culprit’ foods.

If you have a problem eating wheat, this may not be the only grain you should worry about which could very well be affecting your health. You can get tested for other grains such as corn and barley, etc.

If you want to do your own layman’s test, take a particular grain such as wheat out of your diet for a while and see how you feel. Then, you can reintroduce them again one by one to see what effect they have.

Personally, I have done away with all grain products no matter if they are  made of flour, whole or sprouted, except for brown rice. Rice, white or brown doesn’t seem to affect me adversely, although I usually don’t eat more than about a cup of it per day.

I also eat russet potatoes (organic.) Yes, I know they are white. The poor old potato has gotten a lot of bashing over the years. I leave the skin on and eat the whole thing. Fiber is good.

There are millions around this planet who practically live on rice and potatoes, and are thin and healthy. Of course, don’t forget to add whole fruits and vegetables because they provide superior nutrition. You can bypass bread in all its forms. You don’t need it.

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor.

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