Holistic health

What is holistic health? It has everything to do with the ‘whole person’. It’s the psychological, physical and social aspects of ones life which should seriously be taken into account and viewed as a whole. If one does not, he will likely suffer quality of life consequences.

In other words, it’s not just food that makes us feel a sense of happiness or ‘wellness and well being’. For example, in other cultures, they revere and respect their elders more than they do in this ‘youth based’ society called America. They don’t send their seniors off to ‘old folks homes’ like so often offspring do here in the states. The old live at home and their families take care of them.

Other than food, one needs to get out in the fresh air and drink pure or filtered water. So many of us are vitamin D deficient and don’t even know it. Vitamin D is best taken in by the sun. You can go outside and take a walk or sit in the sun. Many of us work in offices and get little sunshine. We weren’t meant to be ‘cave dwellers’. We are hunter gatherers meant to be outside.

Vitamin D is not actually a vitamin per se, it is a hormone. Once you get your skin red by a good dose of the sun, your body goes to work producing it in your system. It is called the ‘wonder vitamin’, because it does so much inside our bodies to promote health.

A few possible symptoms of vitamin D deficiency…

  • Fatigue
  • Joint pain
  • Chronic pain
  • Loss of appetite
  • Weight gain
  • Depression
  • General muscle pain and weakness
  • Muscle cramps

Mainstream medicine has failed, in that there is no miracle cure for disease by taking a pill. Pills often only cover up symptoms, while potentially causing other things to go wrong. How can our government approve medication or pharmaceuticals which when taken for one purpose cause side effects?

There is always a cause to any ailment, condition or disease. Once we find the cause and stop it, we begin healing.

To conclude, common sense must prevail if we are to live a happy, healthy and long life. Emotional and mental happiness affect our state of health as well as foods we eat. We need friendship, family, hobbies, work we like doing, giving and receiving love, spirituality or religion and many other things to make our lives feel complete or fulfilled.

We are complicated beings, but the principles of true happiness are simple and basic. If we don’t abide by natural laws, we will pay a price. For example, the unhappiness and pain caused by depression can shorten our years on this earth.


About Steven Humphreys

I live in 'sunny' California with my lovely wife, three wonderful cats and very handsome dog! I write a lot these days about different subjects I have a 'heartfelt and deep-seated' interest in. I surely hope you will find my articles 'interesting and informative' as well. I sincerely appreciate your interest and you are welcome to visit here as often as you'd like. You can read more 'about me' within this site. Thank you for visiting!
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