Is rice good for you? Depends where it’s grown (hint: arsenic)

Is rice good for you? Diets containing white rice, fruit and juices have cured disease in the past. Many cultures eat huge amounts of rice and are thin. I used to eat rice, but when I found out this very popular grain had a bad ingredient, I began to doubt its long term health benefits.

Although, brown rice has fiber, it also has arsenic. You can reduce the amount of this toxin by boiling it and then rinsing when you are done cooking. It has been said doing so can reduce the amount of this poison by 40 – 60 percent [FDA 1].

But, the health question is: are you OK consuming even a small amount of arsenic? I limit the brown rice I eat to no more than about a cup of it per day with my beans. Anything that has rice in it, including rice milk is suspect. There is an alternative if you just have to have your daily grain. There are many other ones to choose from that either have lower levels if any detectable amount.

One day when I was having a painful bout of inflammation in my left thumb and left knee, I pondered whether the lectin, arsenic or combination of the two could be the cause. Being that they poison rats (and mice) with arsenic, I didn’t want to eventually become another rodent statistic.

I had eliminated all grains from my diet some time ago, except for brown rice. Additionally, I don’t eat wheat or other grains like corn and barley, etc.. Brown rice was my last hope for eating grain. Yet, all along, I knew grain lacked nutrition. Did you know that’s why they add vitamins and minerals to cold cereals? Our government made them do it many years ago.

I haven’t given up beans yet, but have with white potatoes. They both have lectin. I figured I wouldn’t lose much if I never ate rice again. Like potatoes, rice isn’t as nutritious as fruits and vegetables. I always ate my rice with beans. I now have beans alone, but with a little homemade salsa. Beans, the same as potatoes and rice have to be cooked thoroughly.

Rice is grain and seed of grass. Horses and cattle eat grain. It is their food, not ours. But, it is their perfect food. I believe ours is fruit and vegetables: plant based whole food. Remember how similar we are to apes like ‘chimps’. We are genetically speaking, a close relative. Yes, they primarily eat fruits and vegetables.

1 Questions & Answers: Arsenic in Rice and Rice Products FDA Last Updated: 10/25/2017 URL

Note- contact your doctor before you change your diet.

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