The perfect human diet: List of foods to eat

I had been searching for ‘the perfect human diet’ for years. I finally discovered a simple way of eating where I not only lost weight, but still am keeping it off. I feel great and seem to be getting healthier by the day. The prevailing evidence suggests I will live longer than I otherwise would on the regular American diet.

I want to live to 100 and beyond, but 'you' and I want to be healthy in the process of reaching that distinguished age.

All too often you hear about those who retire because of health problems. We don’t want that. I believe changing our diets is the work around. I have learned there are places in the world where its people eat simple diets and thrive. It has been proven a vegetarian diet provides all the nutrition one needs [1].

The longest living people eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, beans and lentils, starchy foods like squash and potatoes, grains such as rice and nuts and seeds. Those who have adopted plant based whole food diets tend to live longer, are active and healthy until they leave this earthly plane.

Don’t we want to be healthy and feel good until we depart this planet? Sure we do. But, all too often this will not be the case. We have been raised on foods according to our culture and traditions.

Once we educate ourselves as to which foods are best for our health and longevity, we can change our eating habits with confidence.

I have done my own non-scientific health and longevity research through the years, and I have found a diet that caused me to lose almost fifty pounds, maintains my natural weight, gives me abundant energy and strength, superior bodily health, mental clarity and proven potential for life extension.

My diet is not only fruits and vegetables because I found it to be unsustainable. I was always hungry and felt weak. I simply couldn’t eat enough fruit during the day to provide enough calories. Twenty bananas was out of the question. I wasn’t feeling well.

But, it seemed that as soon as I added grains like brown rice and quinoa, nuts like walnuts, white potatoes and pinto beans, I began feeling a lot better. Through trial and error, I learned to avoid processed and refined foods.

I don’t think ‘Vegan or Vegetarian’ is exactly where you would classify me because both may drink soda pop, eat chips and use oil to cook with, while the other may consume dairy, eat fish and eggs. I don’t do any of that. So, what would you call me? Would I be a ‘plant based whole foodist’? Maybe…

Anyway, I immediately started feeling better without eating refined grain like wheat and rye bread, cookies, crackers and snack foods. All of these were culprits causing intestinal permeability in me. If you suspect you are wheat, barley, rye or corn sensitive, you need to read labels unless you eat only plant based whole food.

I do limit sugar and salt, but don’t use or cook with refined oils like vegetable or olive oil at all. I especially avoid ‘palm’ oil like is commonly added to microwave popcorn. Use a hot air popper, instead if you love popcorn.

To conclude, different foods can be good or bad. It just depends upon how they affect you. Listen to and trust what your body is telling you. And, do your own research. Just eating a little cheese could be the trigger for painful inflammation.

What I feel is the perfect human diet…

  • Fruits like berries and bananas
  • Green cruciferous vegetables like steamed broccoli
  • Starchy vegetables like peas and squash
  • Leafy green lettuce salads with sprouts, kale, spinach and cabbage
  • Nuts like walnuts and almonds (I use powdered almonds)
  • Beans like pinto beans and chickpeas for hummus
  • Tubers like white potatoes, sweet potatoes and yams
  • Grains like brown rice and quinoa
  • Like me, take vitamin B12 if meat isn’t on your menu
  • What I eat and don’t

But, it’s not all diet that makes you live longer…

  • It’s staying physically and mentally active
  • Relieving stress (meditation might help)
  • Never quit working at a job you love
  • Do something to help others


Website Title Choose MyPlate
Article Title Tips for Vegetarians
Date Published October 12, 2016
Date Accessed December 31, 2017

Note- always check with your doctor before you change your diet.



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