Good dental health: What your dentist won’t tell you

You might need to improve your dental health as a vegetarian by changing a few things you eat. Vegan and vegetarian teeth might not be in better shape than meat eaters.

Those who eat healthier than those who eat animal products may still get sick too much, have high blood pressure, bad cholesterol levels possibly visiting the dentist more often. How could this be?

Although, vegans don’t, vegetarians might eat cheese, fish and eggs just like the meat eaters. Vegans are strict about animal products, but may drink sodas and eat chips and greasy french fries, etc..

Sugar and oil are inflammatory as well as meat, and might manifest itself as mysterious aches and pains. What might solve this painful life is to become a plant based whole foodist.

Did you know that when you eat meat or animal products, your body can attack itself because it doesn’t differentiate between cells of your body and foreign substances like animal proteins? This is called an auto-immune response.

What to avoid to help keep your teeth…

  • Soft drinks
  • Coffee
  • Acidic foods and drinks like coffee
  • Sugar, honey and high fructose corn syrup
  • Refined and processed foods
  • Acid fruit like pineapple and stick to the teeth dried fruit like raisins and dates
  • Fruit juices and fruit drinks
  • Acid sweets
  • Alcohol
  • Some herbal teas
  • The more often you eat citrus fruits the greater the risk of tooth enamel erosion
  • The more you use tart and sour foods such as pickles, vinegar and acid sauces the greater the risk of erosion
  • Refined grains like wheat crackers and bread (are acidic acting just like sugar on your teeth and also is linked to bone loss)
  • Rinse mouth out after eating and/or eat something alkaline
  • Acidic foods and drink can erode tooth enamel
  • Wait a while to brush your teeth
  • List_of_Acid-Alkaline_Forming_Foods
Overweight and underweight vegans and vegetarians may still tell you how great fruits and vegetables are for your health.

You will see vegetarians, vegans as well as meat eaters eating cookies, candy, soft drinks and all kinds of junk and snack foods. Eventually, eating this way will affect your teeth, weight and health in general. At some point in the future, it will definitely cause you all those dental problems you’d rather not have.

Did you know that refined grains like crackers, etc. will affect your teeth just like candy or soft drinks will?

More older adults are keeping their teeth than ever before [1 CDC’s Healthy Aging Program]. Most everyone knows eating refined foods laden with sugar is not healthful. You might think, how can something like a soft drink, cookie or cracker be that harmful?

Brushing your teeth right by tilting your brush on a 45 degree angle, flossing and water picking helps keep your teeth in tip top shape.

Junk foods are habit forming. Most of us have eaten whatever we wanted that tasted good all our lives and have no reason to change, until something goes wrong in our bodies. Then, some of us, like myself wonder what caused all the problems and strive to fix it themselves.

I found out much later that ‘it’s the food’ which can keep us healthy, make us sick and destroy or save our teeth [2]. Why not learn what you need to eat to get healthier, save the teeth, trim down and potentially live longer at the same time?

It’s not that difficult to learn. You need only remember a few principles about what things to eat and not. Like taking care of teeth, eating healthfully is common sense. In other words, you don’t need scientific evidence to know raw is better than cooked and eating a banana is better than a chocolate bar. How I eat.

‘Good dental hygiene is essential. I brush my teeth, floss and use a waterpik® before bed and when I first get up in the morning’ ~ your author

To conclude, demineralization of tooth enamel can occur through acidic diet. Given the proper environment and time, teeth can remineralize. Of course, prevention is the best measure.

For example: through proper diet, not having a dry mouth, using fluoride toothpaste, and eating plenty of raw fruits and vegetables (probiotic bacteria like Lactobacillus) [3].

Source- 1 Brought to you by the Healthy Aging Oral Health “Healthy Aging, Healthy People.” Oral Health and Older Adults

Website Title Advances in Nutrition
Publication Month January
Publication Year2016
Article Title Sugars and Dental Caries: Evidence for Setting a Recommended Threshold for Intake
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Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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