Not all carbohydrates are good carbs: Foods to avoid

What are good carbs? Good question. There is so much talk out there, one wonders who to listen to. Did you know that many of us crave bread because it is so addictive? Furthermore, eating wheat bread caused me aches, pains and weight gain.

I totally love bread to this day. I just don’t eat it anymore because of the painful inflammation it causes. Did you know that too many ‘bad’ carbohydrates and high fat diet can increase the health risk for type 2 diabetes? This is proof too many blood sugar highs and lows through the years is not healthy.

Inflammation is where you ache all over and may have certain joints like your thumb and knee swell up. If this is you, too, you don’t want to limp around in pain for weeks and months at a time.

Once I knew for sure grains like wheat, rye, oats and barley were making my life miserable, I stopped eating them. But, you have to find replacements. But, what replaces bread? Was bread a gift from god or the devil?

What you can do if you get the craving for bread is to eat fruit or beans and rice if you don’t want anything sweet. Simple carbs in fruit is easier to assimilate and it takes longer for resistant starch in legumes and whole grains to be converted to glucose. Bread, on the other hand, will make your blood sugar skyrocket and then plunge like a crashed plane.

When you have adopted a plant based whole food diet, you will eat whole grains like brown rice and quinoa. Refined grains (ground up into a powdery flour) are in those unhealthy snack and junk foods we all enjoy but know we shouldn’t eat; like doughnuts, pies, cakes, cookies and crackers. Honestly, I just couldn’t eat enough bread. My absolute favorite was sourdough.

Did you know that cutting out fatty foods can make you lose more weight than cutting carbs [1]? A whole food plant based diet will do just that. How I eat.

What are the good carbs?

  • Whole (intact) grains like brown rice, quinoa and millet
  • Pinto beans, white beans and chickpeas
  • Fruits such as bananas, berries and apples
  • White potatoes, yams and sweet potatoes which are resistant starch
  • Peas and yellow squash


Website Title National Institutes of Health
Article Title NIH study finds cutting dietary fat reduces body fat more than cutting carbs
Date PublishedDecember 29, 2015
Date AccessedJanuary 07, 2018

Note- before you change your diet contact your doctor.

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