What to eat for dinner: Lose weight while you get healthier

Losing weight is as simple as choosing what to eat for dinner. Did you know we may even lose weight while we sleep? You have probably heard an alkaline diet is beneficial over the acidic. I have discovered that alkaline food is better for my health and well-being. From what I understand, from a scale 1 to 14, seven would be in the neutral range.

ph scale, acid and alkaline balance, healthy food, vegetarian
Acid/Alkaline pH scale

In other words, the lower numbers to the left would be more acidic than right of the center which would be increasingly alkaline. We want to choose foods which are mildly acidic, neutral and especially as alkaline as possible.

For example, tofu, black olives and green tea are very alkaline in the ‘7.0+’ range. But, the downside is that tofu and olives have too much fat and tea caffeine.

As you grow older, your may not fully recover from eating unhealthy foods. You could become ill not knowing it was a particular food that caused it. Did you know it has been proven fruits and vegetables are healthier helping preserve muscle mass in older adults [1 ncbi.nlm.nih.gov]?

Oily foods are known to cause inflammation. This is seemingly the harmless refined oils like vegetable and olive you drizzle over your salad and/or cook with. You might develop symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis after a meal or two or the next day, or when drinking beer or grain alcohol you succumb to gout in the days ahead.

Pain and ill-health are great motivators to do our own research into our own disease, ailment or condition ailing us. We would prefer a permanent cure, not a prescribed pill that only suppresses symptoms. Many doctors do not believe diet can cure. In truth, food is more powerful than medicine itself.

If one eats a high acidic diet for an extended period of time, he may begin suffering from metabolic acidosis. There needs to be a balance in our diet. It is known fruits and vegetables are mostly alkaline, of course with few exceptions to the rule. For example, the lemon is highly acidic, although it is said the juice of the lemon acts alkaline within the body.

But, what of ones teeth? I found out the hard way too much acidic fruit causes damage to ones enamel: namely, my own. Now, I don’t eat blueberries or pineapple.

Yet, brushing too soon after eating something very acidic can cause our enamel to wear down quicker because acidity can actually soften tooth enamel. This means we need to rinse our mouths out with water shortly after eating and wait a while to brush. Short List_of_Acid-Alkaline_Forming_Foods

Although human body pH needs to be about 7.4 (the healthy range is from 7.35 to 7.45) to stay alive, the pH is acidic in the stomach to aid in digestion and also skin to provide a barrier to bacteria from our environment [2 ncbi.nlm.nih.gov]. Therefore, acid isn’t always a bad thing, instead contributing to our survival and a benefit to our health.

It is a wise idea to monitor, limit or exclude your intake of acid forming foods such as animal protein, refined cereal grains and other acid producing foods like sugar (especially high fructose corn syrup) and refined oils.

Our body must have a magnificent ability to alkalize itself, as most foods we eat have a pH lower than our ideal body pH. I think, that where we get into trouble is when we eat too many of the higher acidic foods and drink and not enough alkaline. What to eat.

For example, grains, oils and certain fruits are acidic. It might be a good move as far as maintaining a healthy acid/alkaline balance to keep nuts and seeds, berries, citrus fruits, beans and grains to a minimum. fda-list-of-acid-alkaline-foods (comprehensive list with pH rating of food)


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Note-before you change your diet contact your doctor.

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