How to live forever: Your first 100 years

As far as I know, the fountain of youth has not been found yet. Instead of focusing on how to live forever, we would be better served to try to figure out how to live as long as possible, and in good health. So many of us retire because of health problems. How can we avoid this?

There are cultures around the world whose people live longer than most Americans. The ‘seventh day Adventist’ in Loma Linda, Ca. is one of them. Why? Diet and health play an essential role in longevity, but that’s not everything. It’s also lifestyle. It’s if you live a happy life. Life is complicated, and has many aspects. We are integrated beings.

For example, we need to get out into the sun regularly and be physically and mentally active. Hobbies are a good thing, and we also have our beliefs, be they spiritual or religious.

Furthermore, we need friends who share our values. Have you heard of holistic health? It encompasses the whole person, not just one aspect of him.

In other words, how we live our lives is as important as choosing what to eat at our dinner table. Then, there’s the Seventh day Adventist…

Find a diet, health and longevity model you can mimic as closely as you can.

The Adventist’s recommend a ‘balanced vegetarian diet’ (cut out all animal products, eat whole grains, vegetables, legumes, fruits, berries, nuts and seeds, avoiding processed and refined foods.) Eating at home and preparing your own meals from scratch is the only way to be sure what’s in your food.

However, they propose that if you aren’t able to eat the healthiest meals, you eat the best food available in your locale. They also recommend you get adequate omega-3 fatty acids and zinc. To conclude, they leave final judgement to the individual in what he chooses to eat [1].


Website Title Adventist Health Ministries
Date Accessed January 17, 2018

Note- check with your doctor before you change your diet.

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