Vegetarian ‘no gluten’ Italian spaghetti recipe

I had spaghetti tonight, and if I didn’t know it wasn’t ‘no gluten’ I wouldn’t have known the difference between it and regular wheat noodles. Let’s face it, if we are trying to become ‘vegetarians’, we still need more than fruits and vegetables to eat.

Meals don’t ‘stick to our ribs’ unless we add ‘starchy’ things like potatoes, squash and whole grains, etc.. I know, I tried to eat only fruit and vegetables before. It simply doesn’t work for me. I need more and that’s where starchy foods like potatoes, quinoa and squash come in.

There are those ‘fruitarians’ who just eat fruit, but how many pieces of them do you need to eat to get all your calories each day? For example, one banana is about 80 calories, so if you require between 1800-2000 calories, you’d have to eat more than twenty bananas! Wow! I know a chimp could do it, but I don’t love bananas that much! Actually, I rarely eat them now because I got tired of them.

spaghetti and a western,vegetarian, health, nutrition
‘Spaghetti and a western movie’

To me, spaghetti isn’t whole grain, it’s processed. But, in my opinion, if you eat about eighty percent of your food whole and intact, you are doing OK, at least better than most. Your vegetables can be steamed or raw.

I always try to have an equal amount of raw and cooked. I don’t mean eat raw broccoli or squash. Steamed is OK when it comes to that. I eat plenty of green leafy salad, usually at lunch.

I am always looking for new recipes. ‘Gluten free’ is becoming more and more popular these days. But, if you have celiac disease or wheat sensitivity, it’s a necessity you know what grains are OK for you to eat or not [1].

My recipe is easy, so I am sharing it with you in hopes it will help you stick to your new whole food plant based diet.

spaghetti, vegetarian
Have you had your ‘no-gluten’ spaghetti today?

My Vegetarian ‘no gluten’ spaghetti (and sauce) and loving it!

  • I usually don’t recommend any particular brand, so buy any ‘no gluten’ noodles or spaghetti. Your store should carry it
  • You can use any spaghetti sauce. Just make sure it doesn’t have any oil. I buy those little cans that have basil, oregano and garlic already in them
  • I steam about a cup of yellow squash and a cup of zucchini
  • I chop it up
  • Boil my noodles
  • Put some noodles in a bowl
  • Pour equal amounts of yellow squash and zucchini on top
  • Pour sauce in the amount you like over all of it and eat

Author’s note- As of now, I have ‘cut down’ on eating all grain no matter what kind. I am reevaluating how it makes me feel and what it does to my body.

In the future, I may eat certain ‘gluten free’ pastas made from flax and rice. as a test. But, many of these are also made with corn, and for those of you who have wheat sensitivity, corn may be an even worse offender.

Now, I make my own Zucchini noodles with sauce. This is so good, you won’t even miss pasta made from grain! Yet, you might want to read this article to understand my reasoning as to why I am questioning any further consumption of ‘wheat and gluten free’ pastas. Go here. 


Website Title Foods
Publication Month December
Publication Year 2016
Article Title Overview on the General Approaches to Improve Gluten-Free Pasta and Bread
Date Accessed January 21, 2018

Note- talk to your doctor before you change your diet.


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