Baked potato butter lettuce salad: Potato lover’s unite!

If you happen to like my red cabbage, cucumber, quinoa and onion salad with balsamic dressing, you just might also like my baked potato butter lettuce salad. This is not your ‘normal’ potato salad with eggs and mayo! Of course, like the ‘genuine’ potato salad, it will ‘stick to your ribs’ more than a regular skimpy wimpy salad because all of the above have ‘resistant carbs’ in them.

This creation has potato and my cabbage salad has quinoa on top. Both are delicious (to me.) I hope for you, too. Real easy to make. All my recipes are pretty quick and simple to prepare. No special tools required. Just a little time and patience while chopping! Watch those fingers!

How to do it…

  • Use a freshly baked potato or heat one up
  • Break it open in pieces and spread it all over the top of your favorite lettuce
  • Careful, don’t burn your hands!
  • Sprinkle paprika, pepper with garlic and Himalayan ‘pink’ salt on top
  • Don’t forget the balsamic dressing on the salad
  • That’s it, let’s eat!

Did you know that potatoes are healthier than you might think? Here’s what they have inside that brown skin…

  • Potatoes are very high in vitamin C
  • B vitamins
  • Potassium and other minerals
  • Fiber
  • Resistant starch

Potato eating stays healthy when you don’t shake too much salt on. The much maligned Mr. potato is naturally low in sodium, has no cholesterol, and very little fat. 1% comes from fat, but this potato fat is called a ‘essential fat’.

It’s healthy fat in the right amount the body needs. Who knew the potato had any fat in it? Yet, many people think potatoes are fattening, therefore unhealthy.

Not so! It’s when you add high calorie bad cholesterol laden toppings like high-fat gravy, bacon bits, cheese, sour cream and butter that rains on your potato parade.

So, don’t blow all the health benefits eating that wonderful baked potato! Yes, you eventually get used to eating them plain. But, a little salt and pepper never hurts. Yet, that good old-fashioned potato flavor comes through all on its own. Don’t underestimate the power of the white potato, it’s healthier than you might think [1]!


Website Title Advances in Nutrition
Publication Month May
Publication Year 2013
Date Accessed February 07, 2018

Note- contact your doctor before you change your diet.

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