How much fruit, vegetables, beans and grains should I eat everyday?

So, you might be wondering: ‘How much fruit, vegetables, beans and grains should I eat everyday’ as a vegetarian? Eating this way is a lifestyle more than it is a diet, because there is actually no or very little portion control. It’s basically all you want to eat until full.

I have learned over time through my ‘trial and error’ in eating this and that, that I seem to need more than just fruits and vegetables. Yes, they provide the nutrition we need, but you will soon discover there will be something missing you ‘crave’.

I didn’t feel satiated or full for long eating that way, and was hungry a half an hour later, wanting carbohydrate rich food. When I just ate fruit and vegetables without any starch, my body seemed to just ‘ache’ for that something I felt was ‘missing’. Eating starchy foods seemed to correct this ’emptiness’ in the pit of my stomach.

Why is this so? The only thing I can figure out is that I must need to eat ‘starchy foods’ like potatoes. Plants store their energy as starch. For example, in tubers such as potatoes and in grains like rice. Starch is the reserve of energy for plants. For us, this is the good starch which is called ‘resistant starch’.

There are ‘2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines’ for the amounts of grain, fruits, vegetables and protein you should eat per day. I have looked into their list quite a few times and it seems to me to be a good recommendation that’s in ‘the ballpark’. But, I don’t use any ‘oil or eat any animal products’ like they recommend [1].

How much fruit, vegetables, beans and grains do I eat everyday?

  • I eat about the equivalent of approximately two cups of fruit each day = one to four pieces of fruit like berries, cantaloupe, bananas and apples, etc.
  • As for vegetables = It seems it amounts to about three cups; like one cup of cooked peas, plus one cup of steamed broccoli and one of kale. How I eat salads, varies nowadays. I eat less lettuce and more cucumber, celery, red cabbage and quinoa as my salad with balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper
  • Grains or starches = Two cups of brown rice or quinoa, etc. I eat beans with quinoa for lunch with a salad. Why do I now eat quinoa instead of rice? I also eat a potato in the morning and usually one with my steamed vegetables at night. I may eat steamed green beans, squash, kale and baby broccoli for my dinner. I don’t eat ‘refined grains’ like cereals, bread, crackers and cookies; only whole ‘intact’ grains. Be careful with these, as they cause cavities, weight gain, rapid blood sugar rise and extra hunger
  • Protein = And, my beans amount to about 2 or 3 cups a day. I eat pinto beans I have cooked myself
  • You might want to do a comparison between the usda-food-guide-pyramid and 2015-2020 Dietary_Guidelines to help you make a diet plan that works


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Note- contact your doctor before you change your diet.

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