Developing a positive outlook: Health and happiness doesn’t only come from food!

Sometimes, we may not know what’s wrong with us or why. So, maybe it’s a good idea from time to time to evaluate our life. Is it taking us where we really want to be? Just as the body will react to bad foods, the mind will affect the body in good or bad ways. How we think makes us happy or sad and possibly depressed. Is your glass half full or half empty. How you look at things matters…

When I got stuck losing weight, I reevaluated my diet. After that, I began losing weight again...

Those who are successful in losing weight, getting healthier or even getting richer monetarily, have a plan. They know what they want. Of course, they may navigate to another direction because they may change their minds or want something better. Here’s the secret to getting what you want…

‘Know what it is that you want…’

[1 Napoleon Hill].

Developing a positive outlook: Health and happiness doesn’t come from just the food!

We think habitually and don’t even realize it. We can’t change others, only set a good example. But, we can change ourselves. As for our weight and health, you might want to make a mental goal, such as…

  • I want to weigh so much by this date
  • And, I want to get healthier and feel better
  • I want to become happier
  • Of course, we would all like to make more money?

All you need is a pad and pencil or save it to your computer and look at it from time to time.

Try to meditate

Meditation might also make you feel more positive. It helps clear your mind and relax you. An easy technique I use once in a while is to focus on a spot on my forehead. And, when you get another ‘busy’ thought popping in your awareness, simply and gently but persistently bring your focus back again and again to that spot. It takes a little practice, but it brings relaxation and peace of mind.

There is another way

You know, thinking negative never got anyone anything but more of it. Actually, how you think tends to attract the same. Wouldn’t you rather be around more positive people who were supportive, or all those negative minded who put you down and say you can’t do it? Easy answer, isn’t it. We crave being around those who are positive and uplifting.

Just like we don't want to bypass consulting our doctor when changing our diet, there's no shame in talking to a licensed family therapist if we become depressed and/or overwhelmed...

I have a book I read by Napoleon Hill titled ‘Think and grow rich’ years ago, and still look at it from time to time. I keep the PDF right on my desktop for easy reference. I assume, since the book is so old, that it is in the ‘public domain’, so hopefully I’m not breaking any copyright laws. If I am, please let me know. You can download it for your own personal benefit, here.


1 Book: Napoleon Hill ‘Think and grow rich’, 1937. This book sold millions of copies all around the world!

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet and/or talk to a licensed therapist if something is bothering you.

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