Positive attitude and nutrition: The way to health and weight loss

Did you know negative thinking can affect your state of health and make you gain weight? Some of us may be emotional eaters and not even realize it. When we get depressed we can eat foods that harm us.

These foods (usually snack and junk foods!) don’t give us a long-lasting feeling of wellbeing. They take and don’t give back! We only want more of them because they never satisfy, causing our blood sugar to spike.

So, if you eat the wrong foods, (empty calories with no nutrition) you will surely gain unwanted pounds and feel guilty about falling off the wagon and get more depressed when you look at your bathroom scale. It’s a never ending vicious cycle that feeds upon itself!

We sometimes need to carefully monitor our thoughts before we justify tearing open that bag of cookies eating the whole thing!

Have you noticed that it doesn’t help to worry about something? Chronic negativity tends to make matters even worse.

Do you know someone who seems like they are always upset, troubled and have nothing but bad luck? Our negative feelings and thoughts tend to draw similar negative situations and conditions back to us like a boomerang. And, blood sugar highs and lows doesn’t help. It just makes us reach for that box of crackers or bag of salty greasy chips!

Thinking the best of things, giving the benefit of doubt and having a positive outlook or attitude can help turn things around. It never helps dwelling on all the bad stuff 24/7.

Of course, it’s a good thing to know what’s wrong with our lives and acknowledge it, but we do have the power to change things around us in our environment and about ourselves, too.

We can focus our thoughts away from the negative. Sometimes, we need to give ourselves a break, as we can be our harshest judges. Try a relaxation technique called meditation. It’s not that hard to learn. Continued.



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