What are the world’s healthiest foods?

What are the world’s healthiest foods to eat? It’s those that also help you lose weight naturally. How can anything be a better partnership than that! You know that the USDA tells you to eat so many servings of this and that.

But! I don’t believe it’s good advice for everyone, as I don’t seem to do very good eating 6-11 servings of GRAIN every day. I, for one, seem to be much better off without it. Now, you may be different, but from what I’ve read, you might be healthier and feel better like me, without grain in your diet.

Over and over, I have given grain a chance. Some doctors say eat all you want. Others say limit or exclude ones like wheat, barley and rye. I tried all that. Since then, I switched over to millet, quinoa and brown rice.

And, to tell you the truth, I am not sure even about these grains either, because they also have their own ‘gluten’ in them. Yes, they have gluten. It’s a protein. But, with each grain, their gluten has its own name.

This can be really confusing on your search for the healthiest foods to eat! Who knows the truth about the best foods for health and weight loss, anyway? Good question.

I have searched, and have found no single doctor has the answer. So, what do you do? You think for yourself, gather information and give it your best shot.

The layman, like us have heard over and over about those things that are not good for us to drink. Yet, everywhere you look, you hear drinking them in moderation is good for you. But, who and what defines how much of something is in moderation?

The mainstream media is more than eager and willing to define which foods and drinks you should consume and how much of them. Why? Because, they make money advertising potentially health destroying drinks like coffee. In other words, they make millions of dollars on commercials.

But, maybe coffee is a poor example, as it tends to sell itself. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry. Coffee, as you probably know is very addicting. It’s something many of us can’t seem to live without. That’s why it sells itself. We just have to have it. So, when you get educated about its dangers you might or might not stop drinking it.

Of course, this goes on and on, doesn’t it. Alcohol, they say is bad for us, too. Some of us drink a lot or used to, or drink a little. How does it make you feel? Is it worth it? Maybe, maybe not. You have to decide for yourself. What I am doing here on this website is looking for the truth about food and how it relates to health and losing weight.

I am finding the healthiest foods to eat are basically plant based whole foods, but with a few reservations. Grain has to go. At least, it does for me. And, I don’t eat any foods which have been processed or refined.

That covers a lot of ground. But, I know for certain that if you eat simply like those in other countries and cultures that are the healthiest and live the longest, you use them as a model. When you eat and live like they do, you should receive similar results. Continued.


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