Plant based whole food: Why it makes you lose weight and get healthier

What exactly is plant based whole food, and why does it cause you to lose weight and make you healthier? Good question that deserves a good answer. The fast answer is that it isn’t processed and refined. This means you eat natural foods which are ‘intact’.

You may miss that greasy pizza, hamburger and fries, but you certainly won’t miss that potential heart attack you might have otherwise had if you were to continue eating that way.

‘Vegetarian meals focus on fruits and vegetables, dried beans, whole grains, seeds and nuts. By some estimates, about 2% of the U.S. adult population follows this type of diet [1].’ If possible always try to buy organic if your store has it.

For example, my day starts off with breakfast, which consists of…

  • Berries like blackberries, blueberries and cantaloupe (I avoid the ‘sweeter’ fruits like bananas and mangoes and citrus)
  • I fry (without oil) a sliced up white or red potato
  • I dip it in mild green salsa Verde as I eat
  • That ‘usually’ does it until lunch

For lunch I eat…

  • Butter lettuce in a pack that has five different colored leafy lettuce in it
  • I make myself tahini salad dressing
  • I put a walnut and/or cashews (and an olive or two) on my salad (omega 3)
  • Or, I sprinkle pumpkin and sunflower seeds on it (nuts and seeds help you get more nutrition out of your salads. But, don’t eat too many because of lectin and to prevent weight gain)
  • I eat abut a cup of pinto beans with red or green salsa or enchilada sauce
  • I used to eat brown rice with my beans, but now I don’t eat any ‘grain’, anymore: Here’s why.
  • That’s it until dinner

For dinner…

  • I eat a salad, similar to the one for lunch
  • or, steamed vegetables like broccoli, kale, spinach, yellow squash or green beans (with a medium boiled white or red potato [or two] with the skin taken off. I don’t want chipped or broken teeth with hidden sand or rocks!)
  • I finish up whatever fruit is left over in my daily Tupperware container later

I wasn’t eating seeds or nuts on my salad for a while and started feeling poorly. These have your omega 3 essential fatty acids and trace minerals. Once I started putting them on top my salad once more, I began feeling much better.

Also, now I am much less hungry. I felt my salads weren’t giving me enough nutrition. I think nuts and seeds turned out to be the ‘missing link’ assisting nutrient absorption. Now, my salads seem to fulfill.

I think that when you are deficient in a particular nutrient, you may crave wrong foods, be hungry more often and eat more, yet never be satisfied.


Website Title National Institutes of Health
Article Title Digging a Vegetarian Diet
Date Published June 27, 2017
Date Accessed February 25, 2018

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.


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