Healthy food ‘longest living’ people eat

I wanted to compile a list of foods I noticed the ‘longest living’ people eat everyday. My list is not all-inclusive, but essentially a ‘whole food plant-based diet’.

I haven’t listed food items regularly eaten by millions around the world like grain, meat and dairy, or refined oils to cook with or to drizzle over salads or on other food because I don’t believe they are healthy for anyone to eat in even smaller amounts.

I think certain things the oldest living people on earth eat helps to counteract anything bad in their diets. For example, I think eating a majority of your food as vegetables and lower glycemic fruits such as pears, cherries and apples help neutralize effects of eating smaller amounts of meat and vegetable oils. This is only my theory, not based upon any scientific research.

I believe there are healthier alternatives, such as replacing meat with beans, and grains with potatoes. Through my own research, and by judging how foods I eat affect me, I have decided to not eat animal products, avoid all grains (even gluten-free,) dairy and eggs.

I eliminated known potentially problematic foods and those commonly causing allergic reactions, altogether. And, as for gluten-free grains, corn is often used to replace wheat.

Corn has a bad reputation as well as wheat, barley and rye. Furthermore, oats may be a culprit, too as far as sensitivity to gluten. Anyway, there is no human need for any grain in our diets. Therefore, I don’t consume millet, brown rice, quinoa and a multitude of others.

Yet, I found healthy alternatives. In other words, I don’t believe there is evidence suggesting we have a nutritional requirement for eating any grain whatsoever or a requirement for animal products. I don’t agree they are health giving, just the opposite.

So, I don’t feel deprived. And, I eat all I want of starchy potatoes, beans and vegetables like squash and zucchini. But, since I think I am able to absorb nutrients better because of healthier food choices and have zeroed in on what I require nutritionally, I am not as hungry as I used to be.

In other words, although I always do have a healthy appetite at meal time, I eat even less. It seemed like when I was eating poorly, I was always hungry, never satisfied. I also do limit salt, don’t drink alcohol, coffee or tea.

‘Buy and try serving a new fruit or vegetable (ever had jicama, fava beans, plantain, bok choy, star fruit, or papaya?) [1]’.

Here’s what I eat each day that is similar to what the healthiest oldest people eat…

  • We measure out about a quarter cup of roasted unsalted nuts and seeds a day, which is about 2 oz. (you probably only need about 1 oz., which is about a small handful) I sprinkle these on my salads
  • I eat lower sugar berries like blueberries, blackberries and raspberries. I also eat cantaloupe
  • I don’t eat bread and pasta. Instead, I eat pinto beans and white potatoes each day
  • I have an extra-large salad that has shredded cabbage, seeds and nuts, sprouts, about a half a bag of 5 lettuce types, adding an olive or two for lunch with tahini or balsamic dressing
  • I also eat a potato with beans
  • I eat steamed vegetables like green beans, baby broccoli, spinach and a potato for dinner
  • For example, last night I made cabbage rolls that have peas, onions, mushrooms, celery, sesame seeds, cashews, potatoes and carrots as ingredients, among others
  • I eat one or two smaller avocados each week. I believe we do need healthy essential oils provided in ‘whole food’. Not in olive oil, but in olives. Just don’t eat too many for your cardiovascular health and weight maintenance


Website Title National Heart Lung and Blood Institute
Article Title Healthy Eating Tips, Eat Right
Date Accessed March 04, 2018

Note- contact your doctor before you change your diet.

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