Why meditation may help you Lose Weight, get Healthier and Live Longer

Me meditating goes way back. I have had plenty of practice. Decades. There’s a relaxation technique I made up along my way. I use it once in a while. There are many other ways to relax or meditate. How do I do it?

Focus upon a spot on your forehead and keep bringing your attention back to that area when still plagued by all those stressful draining ‘busy thoughts’.

If this doesn’t work mentally, take your fingers and tap lightly there until you get focus.

Doing so brings you to a ‘sense of timelessness’. It’s a zone of relaxation free from worry. You can also visualize upon something you like, such as being in a park or your favorite natural setting, etc.

Don’t give up! Have patience with yourself. It might take a little time and practice to get the hang of it, but the reward is big. If you get tired or sleepy, so what! Who cares? So, go take a nap and try again, later. No big deal.

When you are happier and relaxed, health improves and weight loss is enhanced, because we may not be as tempted into being 'emotional' eaters binging on snack and junk foods!

There’s also something you can download called ‘binaural beats’. It’s sounds you listen to with headphones while using your computer. I use it occasionally. You close your eyes and listen. More often than not, a visualization will appear in my mind, like beautiful green trees and stream or creek. Go, here to get it for ‘free’ Relaxation and meditation sounds.

‘As an additional technique for meditation I use myself is as you breathe, focus on the sensation of your breathing’ ~ your author

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor. There is also no shame in seeking help from a marriage and family therapist

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