Healthy vegetarian recipes for weight loss that taste great

I love my own recipes. Usually, the chef doesn’t like eating his own recipes. I am sharing with you what I like to eat and what made me healthier and lose about fifty pounds. It’s basically low calorie food. But, it’s whole food. Plant based whole food.

I truly believe it saved me, and could save you, too. I can’t guarantee you will like what I eat, will lose weight or get healthier, but I do know how most Americans eat is unhealthy. And, until I finally ‘got it’, I was headed for certain destruction.

It’s well known what food is healthy and not. We have heard over and over meat isn’t good for us, dairy is bad, fatty food is unhealthful, don’t eat too much salt and sugar, and the list goes on and on. But, we have heard it’s OK to eat these things in moderation. But, what’s moderation? Everyone thinks differently about it.

‘The health-promoting effects of plant-based diets, such as the Portfolio and Ornish diets, are well established and provide evidence for the benefit of plant-based foods as a whole [1]’.

So, it’s wise to think if eating a ‘moderate’ amount of poison is OK? Not really. How about no poison? That’s why I cut down on eating rice. Rice for some reason seems to absorb arsenic very efficiently.

California grown rice is known to have less arsenic in it. Therefore, get to know where your rice comes from so you know it has the least arsenic in it if you just have to have your rice bowl. Brown rice tends to have the most, with basmati and white being about equal. I prefer basmati rice myself.

You might just might feel it’s better to forfeit rice in favor of those seeds and grains that have barely detectable amounts like millet and quinoa.

Yet, who wants to measure his food in smaller portions. I don’t. No one wants to be on a starvation diet. I want to eat all I want whenever I want. If you eat low calorie, high fiber nutritious food, you can do just that. How can one go wrong on salad?

How about potatoes and beans? You can flavor these however you want. Don’t go on a diet, change your lifestyle. That’s precisely what this is. A lifestyle change. And, it’s fun. Try these recipes, here.  You just might like them.


Website Title Advances in Nutrition
Publication Month November
Publication Year 2015
Date Accessed March 27, 2018


Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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