Healthy ‘oil free’ baked French fries

When you buy a French fry pan with holes in it like picture on the left, you will make the crunchiest fries you ever ate! The heat circulates all around the potato. The price of the pan varies, but you will keep it forever if you love eating your French fries on a regular basis.

I didn't take pictures of my French fry making equipment because they aren't as pretty as these photos. These two are the same brands I bought years ago. Mine look 'seasoned' because they are old and used.

I also bought a heavy duty hand crank French fry maker exactly like the photo above on the right. I usually leave the skins on. It makes perfect shaped fries that cook fantastic! Remember, you only have to buy your French fry making equipment but once.

For about $100 you will be in business for life making the best French fries ever. You will never have to buy anything again. But, you don’t need the French fry maker depending upon how thick, thin or wide you love your fries.

You can carefully cut them to the size you want with your knife and bake them on a regular cookie pan with or without baking paper.

When I serve mine, I dip the fries in a ‘no fructose’ ketchup. This might seem a little ‘weird or odd ball’, but I also use brown mustard. I love mustard. I also love sauerkraut. I like the tart, sour and tangy sauces and dips.

If you are a French fry fan, you just have to invest to make the best crunchiest fries you can possibly create.

Try pouring some homemade chili over them. It will be by far the healthiest ‘no fat’ chili and French fries you’ve ever tasted. You could also dip your fries in roasted red pepper hummus.  I am always searching for new recipes and ways to make healthier food taste even better. More recipes, here.

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