A very important health alert for those 55+

I am over 55 years of age, and I truly believe I wouldn’t have lived much longer had I not changed my diet a few years back. So many of us retire because of health issues.

Who wants to work twenty or thirty years only to spend their last dollar on health care? No one does, but unfortunately it all too often works out that way sending our elders into bankruptcy dying in the hospital under a doctor’s care and supervision.

It amazes me that more physicians aren’t schooled in the benefits of a plant based whole food diet. The research is out there which proves it is the healthiest way to eat compared to the standard American diet we all know and love.

But, even though devitalized processed and refined foods taste good, they don’t love us back. They will eventually send us to the hospital or the emergency room with a heart attack, stroke, diabetes or cancer.

It is now common knowledge reducing fats, sugar and salt is healthier. But, when we eat fast food, eat out at restaurants and buy prepared foods at our local grocery store, we are sacrificing our short and long term health for taste and convenience.  In other words, meals we make from scratch at home is the healthier alternative.

‘The process of ageing also affects other nutrient needs. For example, while requirements for some nutrients may be reduced, some data suggest that requirements for other essential nutrients may in fact rise in later life [1 who.int/nutrition]’.

How I eat is uncomplicated and I like it that way. Clean up is simple and fast, and cooking takes almost no time at all. All the recipes on this site I eat regularly. This is my food I am sharing with you that caused me lose almost fifty pounds, made my blood pressure go way down to 100/60 making me feel like I did in my twenties.

Especially, if you have reached your fifties in a reasonably good state of health and wish to continue that path, please consider eating differently than you do now. Although, diet can improve your health and help you shed the pounds, it is no substitute for your doctor’s advice and care.


1 URL who.int/nutrition/topics/ageing/en/index1.html
Website Title WHO
Article Title Nutrition for older persons
Date Accessed April 13, 2018

Note- before you change your diet consult your physician.

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