Vegetarian chili over ‘Gluten free’ noodles recipe

I love Chile and beans, but wanted something else added. I also love eating spaghetti, but found wheat and so-called ‘gluten free’ corn noodles bothered me.

So, I found a spaghetti that was made with something different; flax and quinoa. Now, these grains or seeds have their own gluten, but doesn’t seem to bother me. You won’t find this at your local grocery store.

Your regular store often carries spaghetti with corn and rice as a substitute for wheat. Corn can bother those who have a wheat sensitivity.

You have to go to a market like Sprouts® if you want to find noodles without corn and wheat. This is where I get mine almost every week. I found gluten in corn, wheat, oats, barley and rye didn’t agree with me [1]’.

How do you determine this? You have to go on an elimination diet, stop eating them, then reintroduce them one by one to see how they make you feel.

The brand they have is DeBoles™ Quinoa plus Golden Flax. It’s pretty close to wheat spaghetti in texture and taste. It’s good enough and serves its purpose when you get the craving for noodles.

Try eating this kind of spaghetti and see how it makes you feel. Grains like wheat doesn’t seem to agree with many people these days. The FDA has defined what ‘gluten free’ is supposed to actually mean [2]’.

Every grain has its own form of 'gluten' which is a protein; therefore, if you truly want to go 'gluten free', you might have to forego all grains and grass seeds. The gluten found in wheat notorious for causing problems for some of us is called 'gliadin'.

I buy regular sauce like Hunt’s® with basil, garlic and oregano. It’s a small 8 oz, can for one to two servings. But, you can buy any tomato sauce adding spices yourself. It’s up to you.

How I make my spaghetti sauce is nothing fancy. It’s just sauce, a few spices, onions and mushrooms added. Here’s the recipe for my no meat-no oil sauce, here.

Here’s how I do Vegetarian Chile over ‘gluten free’ noodles…

  • Your Chile and beans have already been made in the crock pot
  • Cook your spaghetti until it’s tender for about 20 minutes
  • You can also use brown or basmati rice
  • Ladle your chili over spaghetti (or rice)
  • That’s all there is to it


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Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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