Health Benefits of a Simple Diet Plan

What are the health benefits of a simple diet plan? For me at least, I believe it’s a real life saver. I suffer from inflammation. I didn’t know before that it was the food that was causing it.

Maybe, you too have generalized aches and pains or got stuck losing weight. You know you should feel better, but are baffled and perplexed about why you don’t.

Maybe, you have been to the doctor and they came up with nothing. Now, it’s in your lap and completely up to you to do your own methodical research.

You could try an ‘elimination diet’ where you pinpoint which foods are benefitting you and hurting you. Although, you can do this yourself, this is probably best done under a doctor’s supervision and care.

Most Americans eat a very complicated diet filled with many added ingredients. So, getting back to a basic diet with much less oil, salt and sugar will surely bring health benefits.

There is proof Okinawan and Seventh day Adventists are healthier and live longer. These people eat healthier than most of us. We can mimic them and reap similar results. I eat a ‘basic diet’ that made me lose fifty pounds, reduced my blood pressure and kept me out of the hospital.

I basically eat a plant-based whole food diet. So, what is that? It’s explained, here. I found that for me, it is key to healthiest weight loss and improved health in general. Eating the way I do might bring you good results.

What improved my health and made me lose weight…

  • Avoid refined foods like crackers, spaghetti, cookies and candy (clean your cupboards out!)
  • Stop going through the fast food windows and cease eating out at restaurants
  • Stay away from acidic foods like tomato sauce
  • Don’t eat handfuls of nuts or seeds, especially peanuts and cashews
  • Limit nightshade vegetables especially avoiding hot peppers, spices, black pepper and hot sauces
  • If you have to eat grain, try basmati or California grown brown rice
  • Eat organic russet potatoes
  • Try pinto beans or refried beans over rice
  • Make sure you eat fruit instead of other sweets. You can never eat too much fruit sugar because it has fiber
  • Don’t cook with oil or drizzle it over your salad
  • Limit sugar and avoid fructose
  • Reduce overall salt intake
  • Eat your greens in the form of salads and steamed vegetables
  • Make lots of vegetable soups
  • Know the fat content in your foods. In other words, a very low-fat diet is better. For example, don’t eat too many olives and avocados. Fact: Fatty foods will keep you stuck losing weight
  • Here’s a few suggested recipes to get you going that I eat myself. Go, here

Additional resource that might interest you: The dash eating plan

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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