9 Reasons to not eat Whole Wheat Crackers

I don’t eat wheat crackers anymore. Why? Yes, they taste good. And, I still love them. But, what tastes good isn’t necessarily good for you. They are so addictive, I can’t stop until I eat the whole darned box! Really! They are designed to make you not stop eating them. All you do is want more!

The wheat cracker snacks I am talking about are the very popular ones that are ‘Thin’. See the photo. You know which ones I mean. These are the ones where I get inflammation shortly after eating them.

But, any grain that is refined can be culprit to our pain and suffering. I mean painful swelling of the joints and generalized aches and pains all over our bodies. Some of us have an allergic reaction to wheat, like those who can’t eat peanuts.

The last time I ate wheat crackers, my ankle joint (and, others like my knee) became increasingly inflamed and sore and I start aching all over in my muscles. Why is this?

It’s called inflammation. I suffered an attack within minutes and the pain and swelling lasted for weeks. This might be you too, but you haven’t made the association or connection between the food and how you feel, yet. Here’s some of the ingredients you need to avoid that can actually cause it to happen…

Ingredients of the so called ‘Thin’ crackers…

  1. Whole wheat flour (refined)
  2. Canola oil
  3. Sugar
  4. Corn starch (just as bad as any flour)
  5. Malt syrup (this is another form of sugar called by another name made from corn and barley)
  6. Refiner’s syrup (this is also another form of sugar)
  7. Salt
  8. BHT (preservative)
  9. So, where’s the nutrition? None at all…

Wheat crackers are not real food! It’s truly a junk and snack food under the guise of so called healthy eating of whole grain. But, it is not. Refined grains raise your blood sugar and may cause leaky gut syndrome. Matter of fact, did you know that refined grains or wheat act just like sugar on your teeth! Any volunteers for more cavities! Grains are all acidic.

Corn starch is just as bad. The rest of the ingredients added to the cracker are mostly sugars called by other names plus salt. How can these ingredients be healthy? Well, they are not. It’s an empty calorie non nutritious snack. No useable nutrition at all.

Whole grain ground into a fine flour is not health food. Unfortunately, this goes for spaghetti, bread, tortillas, cookies and chips. I used to get a quinoa and flax seed spaghetti, but I do not anymore because it is refined like wheat, corn and rice noodles.

Solution: Eat real whole food. Make your spaghetti noodles out of zucchini, instead. Make them with an inexpensive spiral slicer, steam them for a few minutes, then add your spaghetti sauce. You will hardly notice the difference. But, you will be eating nutritious living plant based whole food, instead.

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor.

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