How to Eat Healthy and Thrive

Learning how to eat healthy can be confusing, especially when we listen to the mainstream media. For example, on TV, they want their advertisers to sell their food products so they too can make money. Don’t listen to them. Do your own health research and listen to you, instead.

It has been proven eating healthier can cure and reverse many diseases, make you feel better, lose weight and live longer. I’m sorry, but refined and processed foods don’t bring us superior health like plant-based whole food will.

Most doctors haven’t been trained in nutrition. They make more money giving you pills and operating on you. Unfortunately, the medical system is set up that way. That’s just how it is. They are not focused on correcting what’s causing the problem, most often only masking symptoms.

But, we don’t want to be cut open, right? Of course not. So, let’s find a way to avoid this by eating much healthier food. We can change our old unhealthy eating habits through study and careful meal planning.

How to eat healthy is simple, yet at the same time can seem complicated. This is because it’s so darned easy to fool yourself, especially when shopping at the store. So, the first rule of thumb is to never go there hungry! Be sure to eat a full meal before you go so your mind won’t play those hunger tricks on you when you gaze at all those tasty snack and junk food treats displayed so nicely in those aisles so you will buy them!

I still love all the bad foods that used to cause me pain and grief by causing inflammation all over my body. I know that if I eat enough of certain processed, refined or snack and junk foods, I will get days, weeks even months of pain and swelling in my joints and general aches all over my body. This is no good! So, the truth is that we need to avoid added ingredients in foods which we have learned are causing us all our ailments, conditions and diseases.

The only go around I know of to be sure is to prepare and cook all your food yourself. Then, you know nothing has been added that’s bad for you. When you buy all your produce yourself, you know there’s nothing in it. But, do try to buy your fruits and vegetables organic if they have them. This way you can rest assured there will be no GMO’s, dangerous fertilizers and poisonous pesticide sprays, etc.

Basics of eating healthier…

  1. Adopt a plant-based whole food diet
  2. This is a simple and basic healthy diet we were born to eat
  3. How do I know? We are almost genetically exact to the great apes like the Chimpanzee. Guess what they eat? Fruits and vegetables. No one has to tell them what to eat and not. They are naturally smarter about their food than you might be thinking
  4. People throughout the world who eat largely fruits and vegetables are trim, healthy and live longest
  5. This means to become your healthiest you, you need to permanently eat real food like beans, brown or basmati rice, russet potatoes, lettuce, steamed vegetables and fruit instead of processed and refined foods
  6. Don’t eat out or get fast food
  7. Stop eating all animal products like dairy, meat and eggs
  8. Avoid refined grains like crackers and processed foods like frozen foods and anything bottled, canned, packaged, boxed or bagged
  9. Forget eating empty calorie non nutritious snack and junk foods as they are all loaded with oil, salt and sugar
  10. Never cook with or use oils like olive oil or any vegetable oils
  11. Limit eating seeds and nuts, but do buy them roasted and unsalted
  12. Try eating this new way for a week or so and see how much better you feel. Watch the pounds melt away. I lost 50 pounds this way and my blood pressure went way down. I never go to the doctor anymore…

Note- before you change your diet contact your doctor.

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