Healthy Eating Tips Away from Home

If you can stick with a whole food plant based diet, you shouldn’t have any problems losing weight and keeping it off. But, you will succumb to the temptation of eating wrong food. It is inevitable, especially during the holidays…

This can block your progress keeping the pounds from coming off and add them on. But, you get back on tract as soon as you can. Even I get derailed occasionally. When others eat bad food, it’s always ‘monkey see’ monkey do’.

Admittedly, most of us want to be liked and not looked upon as ‘weird or strange’. So, peer pressure amongst family, at work or school can take its toll on us steering us away from healthful eating.

Therefore, when you eat in those circumstances, choose the socially acceptable foods to look like you are eating so called ‘normal’ food. Then, when you are back on your own, go back to your own new way of eating.

Eat a salad for lunch with beans, sweet peppers and pumpkin seeds on top. Try to have a low to no fat dressing, too.

Salads are ‘socially’ acceptable these days. You don’t have to go into a big long explanation of what you eat and why you do it so you get a bunch of objections.

There are those who will tell you that you need protein from meat, etc. Don’t listen to them, as they are dead wrong. Don’t waste your effort trying to convince them otherwise.

Just know that you won’t sway too many people to exclusively eat plant based whole food. Don’t even try, for their minds are usually made up already.

The important thing to note is how you feel and what healthy food is doing for you. This should be enough knowing you are doing the right thing by eating healthier food.

Most often, people don’t change their habits. Only we can change ours. Know that the best you can do for others is to set a good example and try to diligently follow it as best you can.

I don’t know for sure, but eating the way I do may enroll you into the ‘one percenter diet club’. But, it is a proven way to regain health and lose unhealthy weight the healthiest way possible.

If you ‘brown bag’ it, you can bring any number of foods to work with you. For example, you can eat an organic apple or banana as a snack.

For lunch, you can bring a salad and your own soup if there is a microwave oven to heat it. You could also bring chili and beans.

As far as restaurants go, you lose control over fat, salt and sugar content of the food. But, if it is a place that has an adequate salad bar, you can pick and choose healthier foods.

For example, if they have a baked potato, you don’t put butter or sour cream on it. You can build a salad with toppings you know are OK, like adding cucumber, red peppers and garbanzo beans on top. You can also have a less fatty or salty soup, or at least limit the amount of it you eat.

You can also use a vinaigrette dressing on salads. And, as for a drink, you can have water with lemon. But, you do have to have a little willpower to avoid that which you know isn’t good for you to eat.

And, I know it’s harder this way when all that good tasting food you used to eat is staring you right in the face. When in the midst of unhealthy tasty foods, old bad eating habits often can die hard.

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor.

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