Reasons to eat healthy

If you eat the right foods you will most likely feel better and lose weight. Furthermore, like those in other societies who eat this way, chances are in your favor you will probably live longer. I lost fifty pounds eating differently. Now, I too eat a plant based whole food diet.

It might not seem so, but what you eat can make you healthy or sick. That’s the problem in the US. The problem here is plain to see. We eat too much animal protein, sugar, oil and salt. We can turn our health around if we pick and choose our foods more carefully. It has been proven a plant based whole food diet can make you healthier.

Hopefully, what I write will help in some small way. I suffer from inflammation when I eat certain foods. And, like everyone, I fall off my healthy eating plan once in a while. It’s been a long painful journey, but through trial and error, I’ve narrowed down foods (and, drink) to avoid.

In every society on the planet, we are brought up to eat a certain way. This is proven to make us healthier or unhealthy. Simple diets are the healthiest, which will likely keep you out of the doctor’s office, off the operating table and living the longest like those in societies who eat largely plant based whole food.

I have discovered being a vegan or vegetarian is key to health, weight loss and longer life. But, you can be fooled into eating too much fatty, salty and sugary foods which also happen to qualify as vegan and vegetarian.

This means that your favorite junk and snack foods can be the very thing causing all your weight gain, sickness, discomfort and pain. Likely, you’ve probably seen a skinny sickly or overweight person holding a bag of chips and soft drink. Eating and drinking these will rob you of your health and well-being and most likely shorten your life.

Let’s decide to change how we eat right now and lose weight, get healthier and live longer. Try these recipes. Check out your new shopping list, here.

Note- be sure to contact your doctor before you change your diet.

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