Is Extreme Weight Loss Healthy & Safe?

It’s a double-edged sword. In other words, radical weight loss can actually save your life or cause further health problems.

This is only my opinion, but I feel most of the fad weight loss programs are not a healthy way to lose weight. I also feel they can be dangerous, even life threatening in the long run.

I believe the healthiest way to lose weight is eating plant-based whole food over a period of time. Weight loss that takes longer tends to be permanent weight loss.

Fast weight loss most often returns. There’s much inaccurate information on TV, books and the internet giving you false hopes for quick and easy weight loss.

Funny, how there are so many books and TV programs with a new slant on diet. In truth, there is no quick way or secret. When you eat plant-based whole foods, they are naturally low in calories. So, you lose weight and get the added bonus of improved health, even a greater chance of living longer.

When I hear the term ‘extreme weight loss’, I associate that with fast weight loss taking powders, pills, drinking diet plan drinks and eating food they ship to your door. All that is not cheap. Believe me, they have a marketing campaign strategy going on. And, they are going to try to make as much money off you as they possibly can.

Therefore, why not lose weight the cheapest and healthiest way possible? It doesn’t need to cost you more than shopping for groceries,. You will be purchasing healthier low-calorie food. And, you also don’t need to drink green juice.

I lost 5 pounds a month, my blood pressure went down and I currently weigh my old high school weight. You can’t beat that. You can do it, too. It will take a little time and patience, but chances are the weight will stay off when done slow and methodical.

We were made to eat fruits and vegetables, not frozen TV dinners and candy bars. There are apples on trees, not cans of soda pop.

We are genetically very close to our cousins the great apes. I have heard it’s anywhere between 95% to 99.4%. Don’t you think that’s close enough to agree we should eat most of the same food choices?

These primates regularly eat plant-based foods like fruits, leaves, greens, seeds and small animals and bugs, etc. Of course, we don’t need to eat leaves, just leafy green salads and not bugs and animals.

I ask you, when was the last time you saw an overweight chimp? Did you know they are at least twice as strong as most men?

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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