Getting Healthier: Eat like the Great Apes

Any way one can lower his cholesterol and blood pressure is a good thing in my estimation. Should we go ape on our diets?

I would recommend it. Why? We are very much like the great apes in our genetic makeup. Therefore, why not mimic them?

The daily recommendation for fruits and vegetables is about four to five servings per day for an adult. I believe I probably eat somewhat more than that.

But, I don’t think we have to be that exact. What does matter is we eat enough volume of real whole food to feel full and that we get enough nutrient content.

Here’s what I usually eat every single day…

  • Two large green salads (1 bag total) each day with a few seeds and olives
  • I add about a cup of spinach to each bowl of salad
  • Sometimes I use my own Italian dressing recipe, but usually I use Tahini dressing which has about a 100 calories per tablespoon. Ouch! (but, it tastes great!) In addition, I also squeeze lemon on top my salad
  • I use probably about 1 tablespoon of tahini dressing on each salad = 200 calories for the day
  • A cup or two of berries and cantaloupe (pineapple too, sometimes) in the morning
  • Snacks of fruit during the day (1 cup)
  • Rice (1 cup) with rice milk at night and a little sugar
  • Fried potato without oil in the morning (1 medium to large organic russet)
  • Beans and rice with salsa at lunch (1 cup beans and 1 cup rice)
  • A steamed vegetable at night (like kale, broccoli or spinach) with a potato or two for dinner
  • I strive for about 2000 calories per day
  • But, what I do is eat until I am full instead of count calories
  • And, if I get hungry after any meal, I simply eat more
  • For example, if I want something that sticks to my ribs, I eat rice or potatoes
  • I salt my food to taste with a shaker as I eat
  • Avoid wheat, rye, barley, oats and corn
  • Use only brown or basmati rice as your only grain to be safe

Calories in food…

  • I don’t measure my food by the cup
  • I simply eat all I want
  • Calories I consume are just an approximation
  • 1 cup of basmati or brown rice = approx. 250 calories
  • I eat two-three cups of it each day = 750 calories
  • 1 medium potato = approx. 150
  • I eat about two to three potatoes each day = 550 calories
  • 1 cup of blueberries  = about 100 calories
  • I eat about three cups of fruit each day = 300 calories
  • 1 banana = about 80 calories (I don’t eat many bananas. I got burned out on them)
  • 1 bag of green lettuce salad = is ridiculously low @ 30 calories for the whole bag! Really! Almost not worth mentioning…
  • My salad dressing comes to about 200 calories a day
  • 1 ounce of seeds is a small handful = about 150 calories
  • I use about two ounces total on my lunch salad = 300 calories
  • I skip the seeds on my nightly salad
  • 1 cup of rice milk is about 120 calories (on my warm rice at night)
  • My daily calorie intake is usually between 1800-2000 a day

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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