Best Diet Plan that Promotes Better Health and Weight Loss

What is the best diet plan? I have tried enough diet plans that have failed me miserably to know what’s best. I tired of the yo-yo diets where you gain all the weight back again and start feeling even worse.

Some diets like the high protein are downright dangerous. We don’t need a huge amount of animal protein, or any other for that matter. It’s obvious we weren’t made to eat meat, for we don’t have claws or sharp teeth. Eat like an ape for better health!

Yet, low-fat and low carb diets don’t fare any better. Anyway, you don’t need to eat meat. You can substitute beans and come out OK.

Actually, for me, I have found the higher carb and low fat diets to be best. You lose weight, feel better and get healthier as a result

You might as well learn how to eat right so you eliminate any health issues related to foods you eat. In other words, some foods cause painful inflammation while others are food allergy culprits.

Best diet…

  • No animal products like meat, dairy and eggs
  • No oil
  • No sugar
  • Only use salt from a shaker
  • Use a small amount of sugar to sweeten
  • Eat only plant-based whole food like raw and cooked fruits and vegetables
  • Avoid wheat, rye, barley, corn and oats
  • Use only brown and basmati rice as your only grains
  • Eat potatoes, but keep them down to about two a day
  • We don’t need to overdo the carbs, mainly focus on nutrition like two green salads a day plus a steamed vegetable and berries
  • If you drink coffee, limit it to one cup a day
  • Substitute green Japanese organic tea
  • Get junk and snack food out of the house and into the garbage can!
  • Stop getting take out food and eating at restaurants
  • Be your own chef
  • Buy organic produce at your store if they have it
  • You will be on your way to weight loss, better health and living longer!
  • Greatly reduce using foods that come in a bag, box, package or bottle
  • This is refined and processed foods
  • Our bodies were designed to eat only plant-based whole foods

Note- before you change your diet contact your doctor.


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