What to Eat if You Are Totally Confused about what Health Foods are?

I hadn’t felt right for many years always wondering what the heck was wrong with me. Believe me, very few doctors have been trained in nutrition. They may even laugh or scoff at the notion food can cure what’s ailing you instead of an operation cutting you open or a pill.

Food can cause weight gain, ill-health and early death. It just depends upon which foods you eat. Our hospitals are filled with people who have all kinds of diseases, ailments and conditions.

This is mostly due, in my opinion to the American diet so full of animal protein, salt, sugar and fat. But, the grand deception is that all that meat, cheese, deserts, bacon, sausage, eggs, greasy hash browns, buttered toast and junk foods taste so good! Unfortunately, you must learn that what tastes good isn’t necessarily good for you.

After a while eating plant-based whole food, your taste buds will change what they like tasting. It will take a little time, and you will likely fall off the diet wagon. After a while, if you stick with the program, most likely you will lose all the weight you wanted, feel better, get healthier and live a lot longer than you would have eating the usual American diet.

Not only did I want to lose about fifty pounds, I also wanted to start feeling a lot better. I narrowed my problem down to the foods I was eating. I figured what I was eating just had to be the cause of all my pain and suffering. I try to eat by a guideline I researched and made up myself through my own trial and error.

You should see your doctor if you aren’t feeling quite right. But, until then, you could stop eating these things below and begin eating more healthy raw and cooked fruits and vegetables…

Eating plant-based whole foods has been proven to make you lose weight, become healthier and live longer.

Stop eating ASAP…

  • Anything that’s oily
  • Sugary
  • Fatty
  • Animal products of any kind
  • Alcohol
  • Coffee
  • Cut down on salt
  • This means, don’t buy or eat anything that comes in a bottle, bag, box or package
  • Sorry, forget eating out at restaurants or take out food
  • Can we do this?
  • Yes, I did it
  • I lost fifty pounds
  • I feel a whole lot better, too
  • My blood pressure went way down
  • I don’t go to the doctor
  • You can do this!

Begin eating this way…

  • You are going to become your own great chef
  • Try to eat two large green salads each day with added spinach and a little shredded green cabbage
  • Use an oil free dressing like my Italian
  • Add a few seeds like roasted unsalted sunflower and pumpkin seeds to at least one of your salads each day (not too many because of lectin)
  • Add a few black or green olives or spoon full of sauerkraut if you like. These are probiotic 
  • Begin eating real whole plant-based foods and be sure to add a cup or two of pinto beans, basmati or brown rice and one to two potatoes each day
  • Eat steamed vegetables like broccoli, kale and spinach
  • Start eating more fruit like blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, cantaloupe and bananas
  • Avoid anything made with wheat, barley, corn, rye and oats (gluten)
  • Personally, I eat brown or basmati rice as my only grain
  • Get all your produce organic if your store has it
  • If you drink coffee, try to cut down to one cup per day and give organic Japanese green tea a chance

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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