How much Weight can You Lose in a Week?

How much weight can you lose in a week? I think that depends upon your metabolism, how physically active you are and if you eat high calorie foods or not.

The healthiest way I know of to lose weight that won’t return again is to do it the slow, methodical and healthiest way. And, what is that? I discovered it through my own trial and error.

The secret is changing your diet to eating mainly plant based whole food. Fruits and vegetables (most) are lowest in calories, although seeds and nuts are high. Also, avocados are high in calories because of their fat content. We need to lower the fat consumption and keep it relatively low to keep it heart healthiest.

Fat has more calories than carbs. So, if you want to lose more weight, favor carbs over fat. You will have to limit the fat you eat like I do if you want to maintain the weight you lost. We do need essential fatty acids, but in small doses.

I wouldn’t recommend trying to lose more than about a pound a week. But, this depends upon how much you currently weigh. The more overweight you currently are, the more you may be able to safely and quickly lose.

When I lost my fifty pounds, it took me about a year to do so. That’s because I had some ‘ups and downs’ along the way eating things like chips, tortillas and sourdough bread. These were a few of my weight gainer ‘weaknesses’.

Therefore, you must watch the ‘refined carbs, sugar and fats’ to lose the most weight. How I understand it is, when you grind up grain into a powder, somehow the added surface area of the product will tend to make you gain weight if you eat too much. But, sugar and fat will add the inches back, too.

I got stuck at around 185 lbs. because I kept eating lots of sourdough bread, salty greasy potato chips and sugary cereals! Used to love that stuff! But, wheat, I found out ‘rubbed’ me the wrong way. It was the ‘gluten’.

Now, I don’t eat bread even though I do at times crave it. I also don’t eat anything made from corn, rye, barley or oats. I only eat brown and basmati rice, no more than about two cups of it per day.

I used to eat millet and quinoa, but I had doubts about how healthy they were to eat, so I stopped. Anyway, I really didn’t like something about how they both tasted.

I love refried beans I frequently make myself in my crock pot. I have been having bean burritos with brown rice tortillas lately instead of beans and rice. Good stuff! Eating these has never put a pound on me!

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor.

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