The ‘Trick’ No One Knows to Lose Weight Permanently

There is a ‘trick’ no one seems to know to lose permanent weight. Yet, it really isn’t a secret at all. Some of us have to count calories. But, usually it is for the reason to make sure you don’t get too many.

There is a work around to all this, and the solution is eating low calorie foods (I’m sorry, pizza is out.) And, only then, you may have to count them to make sure you are getting enough! But, that’s not all there is to it, because the food needs to fulfill your nutritional requirements each day, or your health will suffer.

We don’t want to lose weight and not be healthy, right? We can have it all. We can lose the weight we want, start feeling better, get healthier and also live longer. The way to do this is to eat differently than we do now. The secret lies within the food you eat. It’s ‘monkey see, monkey do’. Let’s copy how they eat.

We are very genetically close to the great apes, and when we begin eating like them, we trim down and get healthier. So, we need to eat like the great apes and not so much like humans currently do.

Most American’s diets are full of salt, fat, sugar and lots of animal protein. Who told you that you need so much protein? The truth is that all the protein we could ever need is actually in pinto beans and broccoli! And, you can’t overeat them because they aren’t addicting like snack and junk food.

The trick to losing weight permanently is undergoing a lifestyle change. What eating plant based whole food is, is a lifestyle change. Warning! You will become one of the ‘one percenters’, and likely won’t get much support from anyone on your new way of eating.

But, everyone around you will likely see the results in your weight loss and health improving. And, they might be curious to learn your ‘secret’. Simply tell them all you do is eat more fruits and vegetables than you used to and watch the expression on their faces.

And, don’t let anything they say discourage you, because the results will speak for themselves. But, if they actually do seem sincerely interested, spread the word.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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