Fried Potatoes and Lemon Kale with Green Enchilada Sauce

I am always searching for, but usually creating my own new recipes I feel are healthy. The recipes on my site is how I eat all the time.

Have you ever seen the salt content in the so called ‘lean’ TV dinner meals? This is why I make all my food from scratch. It’s the only way you can ever know exactly how much of ‘whatever’ is in it!

The sodium content (and, sugar and oil) of most processed food is astronomically high! Did you know that if you salt your food you make from scratch, the sodium level from your shaker doesn’t even come close to that of processed food?

When I try something frozen that’s supposed to be a meal, I soon find out it has too much salt. I can feel my feet, hands and skin swelling up from the salt. This is no good.

Make all your food yourself and you don’t have to worry about it. And, if you need salt on your food, shake a little bit on with your shaker. That’s OK so you eat the food.

You can also add a little sugar to sweeten things up like a bowl of warm rice with fruit with some rice milk. It won’t hurt. Better to make the food taste better with adding salt and sugar than washing down a candy bar and a bag of salty greasy potato chips with a large soft drink.

Fried Potatoes and Lemon Kale with Green Enchilada Sauce recipe

  • Skin your potato (I use organic Russets because they taste the best to me) and slice it up long ways about 1/4″ thick
  • One large or medium potato per person should do it
  • Add chopped onion (and, mushrooms if you like them)
  • Cook in pan without oil about five to ten minutes on each side until browned
  • You can add a dash of salt, garlic powder or other spices you like
  • Add about two cups worth and strip the greens off the stem
  • Boil your kale for about five to ten minutes until soft
  • Strain kale and rinse in colander
  • Pour potatoes in your bowl with kale on top
  • I use scissors to cut it all up together in smaller pieces
  • Add green enchilada sauce (small can is enough for a few meals)
  • Squeeze lemon over

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.

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