Is Rice, Almond and Soy Milk Healthy?

You might have veered away from using cow’s milk. Did you know dairy is addictive? It also creates the bond between mother and baby cows.

The bond is an addictive bond. It is an ‘opiate like’ ingredient within the milk itself, just like human mother’s milk. This was an eye opener for me. I thought it was just a ‘maternal’ bond like many believe.

So, we have all heard dairy isn’t good for us, right? And, we searched for healthy substitutes. And, we stumbled upon rice, almond and soy milks because the manufacturer says they are healthy and good for you. Do we believe this?

Yet, as you read the ingredients you will find they are usually made with canola, sunflower and other refined oils. There is also added sugar and salt. Of course, they made them taste good.

All the ‘milks’ seem to bother me for one reason or another. But, the only one I still use is a little rice milk over my warmed basmati rice (with a spoonful of sugar) as a cereal at night…

It seems one just cannot win on his search for eating healthier. Is there nothing healthy left to eat? It sure seems like there isn’t. If I wouldn’t have gained all the weight and had aches and pains and didn’t fear death and disease, I sure would have continued my ‘unhealthy food eating party’ and never stopped eating all the bad stuff. It does take willpower to eat healthy when all those around you believe you to be a nutty ‘health fanatic’!

Maybe, it’s high time we pick out a few more ‘health conscious’ friends to support our new way of eating!?

Yet, wherever one looks, you hear somewhere in an advertisement a manufacturer unfounded claim about what’s healthy for us to eat and drink. Above all, they want to sell us their products. Money is their motivation over our health and well-being. I guess somehow, we all knew that.

Therefore, in the long run, drinking filtered water is probably your best bet for something healthy to drink. But, most bottled water isn’t superior to your own refrigerator filtered drinking water.

So, you might want to consider saving your money and drink your own filtered tap water unless of course you are lucky enough to have a non-polluted stream on the side of your house.

No matter how you look at it, there seems to be a flip side or disadvantage to whatever you do when it comes to food and drink. So, maybe we need one day out of the week to eat bad stuff?

Maybe. But, this could be a ‘trigger’ to go back to our old poor eating habits. Do we want to take the chance of losing the benefits a plant based whole food diet has delivered?

Yes, of course, we do love our snack and junk food, right? Of course we do. They taste good, even though they do bad things to us like make us gain weight, feel lousy and eat more of it because it never satisfies and fills us up for long!

To conclude, if you just have to use these so called ‘alternative milks’, try to limit the amount you use. In other words, use only as much as you need to eat your cereal and avoid drinking all of them by the ‘glassful’.

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor.

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