The Way to a Healthy Long Life: Mimic the Oldest Living People?

If you had a ‘crystal ball’ and could look into the future, would you? You would probably want to know a few things like if you were going to live to 100 or not.

If you were curious whether or not you’d get cancer, diabetes, heart or some other disease, would you like to know, so you could change your eating habits possibly preventing any of these from happening in the first place?

You probably would. But, unfortunately there’s not a crystal ball. But, there are statistics. Our hospitals are filled with those who have various ailments, conditions and diseases. We don’t want to become hospital patients.

Throughout the world there are people who are trim, in shape and healthy. They don’t have to go to the doctor. Imagine that! What if we could mimic their lifestyles and eat like them? We can, you know.

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. It’s not just food that makes one well. It’s a total lifestyle consideration and review. Did you know that in other cultures, they respect and revere their elders and their adult children take care of them in their own homes? Like many do here, they never put their parents away in an old folks home. It’s a very sad situation to say the least.

So, what are the vital or essential ingredients for a happy and healthy life? Firstly, we need family, friends, fresh air, sunlight, hobbies, a job we love doing, physical activity and mental exercise. There’s more, but you get the basic picture. It’s mostly common sense.

Those in the world who live the longest eat simply. There is a premise that runs through their lives, which is they basically live a simple life. And, their food isn’t full of preservatives, additives, salt, sugar and oil.

They primarily eat plant-based whole food (fruits, vegetables, beans, potatoes, rice, etc.) while limiting all animal product consumption. They never eat white sugar and drink soda pop.

The people who live the longest rarely eat meat. Not so with us, right? Meat is an everyday thing for most of us. We just seem to have to have lots and lots of meat!

Lastly, we know smoking and drinking heavily is life shortening. Yet, an occasional glass of wine is a much different story in that it may actually be therapeutic.

Note- contact your doctor before you change your diet.

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