Can I Eat Bread and Still Lose Weight?

So, you are a bread lover, too? I used to love eating bread. I mean lots of bread. Sourdough bread was my favorite. I went ‘hog wild’ over it, and I abused it. I used to get the whole grain. Really good. Loved that sourdough taste. And, I loved butter on it. Wonderful! But, I didn’t want to suffer from a heart attack.

I have never stopped loving bread, especially sourdough. But, I am not sure how good it is for me, even if I eat whole grain wheat. The gluten in wheat (and, other grains) can cause problems for some of us. I personally avoid eating wheat in all its forms, while I currently use brown rice tortillas to make my bean burritos.

Unfortunately, I believe wheat, corn, barley, rye and other grains cause leaky gut syndrome in me. So, you must weigh the pros and cons of eating grains in general, especially if you know for certain you have a wheat sensitivity or celiac disease. Doctors can test you for sensitivities to find out which grains you should avoid.

There is so much misinformation and myths about dieting and food, it really gets confusing. You can especially fool yourself into eating something you know you shouldn’t. Did you know snack and junk food is ‘addictive’? They make it that way so you’ll keep eating it.

Yet, you don’t have to give up all your favorite foods to lose weight. Everyone’s metabolism and activity level is different. But, in truth, you must burn up more calories than you take in [1].

Plant based whole food is naturally lower in calories than processed and refined food. That’s how I lost fifty pounds. My body burned up more calories than it took in. I didn’t have to count calories eating ‘real’ food.

Eating low calorie plant based whole food is the secret to losing weight the healthy way. It’s slower, but you most often will not gain all the weight you lost back like on all those risky fad diets that simply don’t work.

For my good carbs (resistant carbohydrates) I eat potatoes, brown or basmati rice and pinto beans. I shy away from processed foods like bread.

Wheat bread, tortillas, cereal and pasta are all made from ground up flour, even though they do happen to have whole grain in them. There is something about flour having an increased surface area (because it has been ground up into a fine powder) that can make one gain weight when you eat too much of it.

Furthermore, if you want to lose weight, I would try to limit my fat intake. For example, watch the nuts, seeds and olives. Also, limit avocados. Dairy has a lot of fat, but I have found dairy to not be healthy, so I don’t eat it, anymore.

I avoid meat, too. I have heard ‘The fat you eat will be the fat you are gonna wear’. And, you especially don’t want to consume animal fat that contains bad cholesterol.

Additionally, for health reasons, I wouldn’t use oil to cook with. Oil is not healthy to drizzle on anything.

I wouldn’t eat refined carbs (that are made out of flour) in the form of cookies, pastries and pizza if I wanted to get healthier and keep losing unwanted weight.

Now for the good news. If you eat bread without butter, the calories are relatively low. Fat has more calories in it than carbs do. So, if you don’t go overboard and fall off the diet wagon like I did eating too much bread, you should still be able to lose weight. Figure one slice of whole wheat sourdough is relatively low in calories @ about 150.

Website Title National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases
Article TitleSome Myths about Nutrition & Physical Activity
Date Published April 01, 2017
Date Accessed July 25, 2018

Note– consult your doctor before you change your diet.


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