Why do People Live Over 100? 10 things they have in Common

I am getting up there in years myself and wondered lately what people have in common who live to 100 and beyond. I learned a few things watching videos on YouTube© . It wasn’t what I thought I’d be hearing. What I heard caught me off guard…

You might want to watch a few videos for yourself if you want to learn the perspective of older people. It could be time well spent. You might want to call it an investment in your own life expectancy. They have common sense tips I feel are very valuable and time proven.

It won’t take much of your time and you will likely come away entertained, informed, even quite surprised at what you hear these elders say. Who are the best sources for secrets to longevity? It’s straight from those who’ve been on earth the longest.

The ten most striking things about people who live the longest are…

  1. They seem to love life
  2. Don’t eat large meals or high calorie food
  3. They have a positive outlook or attitude
  4. They are not overweight
  5. Believe in a higher power
  6. Live within their means
  7. Are happy where they are living
  8. They have fun or do that which makes them happy
  9. They don’t dwell on negative things
  10. They reminisce about the good memories in life

There was a 104 year old woman who drank three Doctor Peppers©  every day. And, an ex-school teacher ate what her body craved, whatever it was.

A 109 year old WW2 veteran smoked many cigars during the week, but didn’t inhale. He also drank whiskey daily drinking about four cups of coffee, too. Furthermore, all his friends who were smokers (cigarettes, I suppose) passed away long ago.

Another centenarian woman ate a couple of pounds of chocolate every week. Sounds like fun. There was this one man who ate mostly fruits and vegetables. He also made sure he ate blueberries and cantaloupe. Unfortunately, he passed away at the ripe old age of 115.

A Japanese doctor over one hundred often had cookies and milk for lunch and drank milk, orange juice and a spoonful of olive oil in the morning. But, at night he did eat his ‘veggies’ with a small amount of fish. Wow.

All these oldsters apparently had no ailments, conditions or diseases. Amazing. This shows me that there is more to good health and long life than meets the eye. Therefore, it is not necessarily eating lots of plant-based whole food day in and day out that will guarantee we all live to 100 and beyond.

Other things I noticed about those who lived over 100…

  • They were independent minded
  • They live a ‘lifestyle’ that makes them happiest
  • They are not judgmental or hateful
  • They like people in general
  • They are sociable and friendly
  • They have very definite opinions about almost everything you can imagine. In other words, they seem to know themselves well, being sure of what they like and don’t
  • Appear to be moderate in all they do
  • They have friends and family
  • Many have outlived their spouses, haven’t remarried and seem to have adjusted well, have gone on and are doing fine keeping themselves constructively occupied
  • They are mentally and physically active
  •  They don’t appear to worry about anything in particular
  • They are happy with their accomplishments in life
  • They don’t seem to stress out about the unknown, future or how much longer they have to live

Lastly, they seemed to be good with their money not believing in credit cards preferring to pay cash for everything. The 103 year old woman believed in setting money aside for a rainy day. She paid cash for a brand new car and a couple houses (turning them into rental income) many years ago in an era where everything was much cheaper.

Note- before you change your diet contact your doctor.

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