Health, Weight Loss and Longevity: More than Simply Good Nutrition?

Through my own research I found it is not necessarily the food you eat that makes people live past 100. It surprised me what all the elders had to say.

Centenarians do not usually seek perfection. Some of them smoke cigars, drink whiskey, coffee, milk, eat cookies, ice cream and small amounts of meat during the week. Yet, they don’t appear to overdo anything. It seems they are ‘moderate’ in all they do, including any poor habits.

The role of Happiness in Health and Long Life

Furthermore, they do what makes them happy actively seeking out their own brand of happiness. That doesn’t mean they purposely go out and eat a bunch of greasy fries and hamburgers everyday. The hospitals and doctor offices are full of people who eat foods filled with bad cholesterol. If we constantly eat like this, (in my opinion) we are ‘asking for it’. Therefore, if you must, seldom do it.

Happiness does play a key role in ones own longevity. How he thinks influences how he feels to a great degree. In other words, if we think negatively, we likely will grow depressed and our bodies will suffer the consequences. Negative situations and circumstances will be attracted to you if you dwell in the muck.

Who knows, being happy may be a more powerful catalyst for longer life than healthy food. I don’t think anyone knows the answer for sure.

Our Genetics and the Great Ape Diet

I know genetics does have an influence upon health in general and how long one will live. In other words, if there are those in your family who’ve lived past one hundred, your chances of living that long are much improved.

There is also the question of if we should eat like the great apes, because our genetics are almost exactly alike. Personally, I think the gateway to better health and longer life is through eating what foods our bodies were built to eat. Plant based whole food can be a powerful medicine even more so than prescription drugs.

Again, what about Lectin?

There is also the potential problem with lectin. What is lectin? It is poisonous to our bodies, but can be broken down through cooking certain foods long enough. Lectin can damage your small intestine. This can lead to the development of leaky gut syndrome. Pressure cookers do a good job of reducing lectin’s potency, but boiling long enough should do the job.

Tips for Healthier eating…

  • Cook beans thoroughly to reduce the effects of lectin
  • Also, cook your rice and grain long enough with plenty of water and rinse after
  • Don’t eat green potatoes, and be sure to pressure cook, bake or fry them (no oil)
  • Buy roasted seeds and nuts, not raw
  • Get tested for gluten sensitivity by your doctor if you think grains like corn, wheat, rye and oats affect your health
  • Be sure to take your B12 if you are a vegan

Did you know that eating a few raw kidney beans can actually kill us? Mother plants are deadly serious about protecting their young (namely its seeds) for perpetuating the species.

Note- before you change your diet contact your doctor.


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