My Health Improved Dramatically when I Stopped Eating and Drinking these…

When I Discovered this, My Health Improved Right Away. So, what was it? It is complicated because it’s so hard to remember. And, for the reasons why to avoid these items, that is also difficult to master.

We can forget and even confuse ourselves because those things we eat that bring ill health are often very hard to stop consuming. They are addictive in nature, because they taste so good.

Although, I have not conquered the knowledge needed to attain perfect health, I do know and have taken steps to open that door. But, basically if you keep a few things in mind, you should be doing better, as I have.

There are a few rules or guidelines to abide by… 

  • Avoid high caffeinated drinks like coffee and energy drinks
  • Substitute green tea to help break the coffee habit
  • Stop alcohol, but have a glass of wine once in a while
  • Do not add creamer or sugar to your tea (or, coffee)
  • Do not drink milk or eat cheese
  • Keep away from all meat
  • Use tofu and eat beans and rice
  • Make sure before you shop at the grocery store that you eat before you go
  • This way you won’t be tempted to buy snack or junk food
  • If it’s not in your cupboard or fridge, you can’t eat it when you get those cravings for the wrong food
  • Eat organic California rice and organic russet potatoes
  • Don’t cook with or use refined oil
  • Stay away from snacks loaded with salt like corn chips
  • White sugar and fructose should be a thing of the past
  • Be sure to not drink soda pop
  • My inflammation went way down, especially when I stopped drinking coffee with sugar and half and half, all animal products, stopped eating grains like wheat, corn, rye, barley and oats, ceased eating salty greasy chips and micro pop corn with palm oil, and anything with fructose like many candies and soda pop
  • Being vegetarian is not enough because many bad things you can eat qualify as vegetarian like soda pop, French fries, chips, doughnuts, candy, coffee and junk and snack foods
  • Plant based whole food is the way to go for best health
  • Those around the world who have adopted a plant based diet are trimmer, healthier and live longer than the rest of us
  • If you get a craving and slip and eat something bad for you, try to limit doing so
  • We all fall off the healthy eating wagon once in a while
  • Even me…
  • All you can do is to jump back on and grab the reigns of your health
  • We are both in charge of what we eat and don’t

Note- be sure to contact your doctor before you change your diet.


2 thoughts on “My Health Improved Dramatically when I Stopped Eating and Drinking these…

    1. It is a daily struggle. Believe me, when I see those pizza and hamburger commercials on TV, I remember how good they taste! I am no different than anyone else. It is difficult to resist and I do fall off the good food wagon. Sometimes, willpower simply isn’t enough. So, we have to keep on trying. That’s all we can do is do our best to resist bad food temptation. We do suffer the consequences though when we eat the bad food, so I have to keep reminding myself what eating it will do to me later on. Weight gain and inflammation! I try to shop after I have eaten. And, if you don’t buy it, it won’t be in the house when you get those cravings. If it isn’t there, you can’t eat the junk and snack food. Because, if a big bag of chips is in the cupboard or ice cream in the freezer, I never forget they’re there. I will definitely get into it later on at night instead of eating a boring banana like I should. Thanks for the ‘like’! Good luck, hope the information helps!

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